14 Christmas Candles That Will Make Your Home Smell Better Than Santa's Grotto

Nothing feels more like the holidays than the smells of Christmas, from the sweet aromas of freshly baked cookies to fresh pine trees and sugar plums.

As well being a time for family, food and goodwill, the holidays are a chance to relax and unwind after a busy year.

One way in which to get into the seasonal spirit is through Christmas scents.

Here, we look at some of the best scented candles that will make your home smell even more festive than Santa's grotto.

1. Diptyque's Holiday Pastry Scented Candle

This "limited edition" fragrant candle from French luxury brand Diptyque evokes "the aroma of festive baking" and "an emblematic winter scent," with a spicy blend of biscuit and cinnamon, enhanced with patchouli scents.

The candle is speckled with real gold and topped with an elegant golden lid.

Buy it at Diptyque here

2. Jo Malone's Christmas Layered Scented Candle

This artisan, hand-poured candle from the brand's Jo Loves line combines three festive scents including that of fresh pine trees, sweet plum pudding and a blend of smoky log fire woods.

The unique "first of its kind candle" burns for 50 hours.

Buy it at Jo Malone here

3. Neom's Christmas Wish Scented Candle

This limited edition candle offers an infusion of "fruity mandarin, spicy cinnamon and comforting tonka bean," mixed with 10 other essential oils to create a warm, calming vibe in your home over the holiday season.

Made with hand-poured natural wax, the 3-wick candle burns for up to 50 hours.

Buy it at Neom here

Christmas-themed gingerbread cookies on a table.
Christmas-themed gingerbread cookies on a table. Get into the festive spirit by lighting a gingerbread-scented candle. iStock/Getty Images Plus

4. Scents of the Season's Gingerbread Scented Candle

Infuse your home with the comforting smell of gingerbread cookies with this handmade candle from Scents of the Season.

The non-toxic soy candle is made with "all-natural" materials and recyclable packaging.

Buy it on Amazon here

5. Nest's Holiday Scented Classic Candle

This holiday-scented candle from Nest emanates a fragrant blend of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon, with a hint of vanilla and amber.

The candle is made with premium wax designed to burn for up to 60 hours.

Buy it on Amazon here

6. Village Candle's Balsam Fir Scented Candle

Offering a blend of evergreen, bergamot, fresh balsam fragrance notes, this scented candle from Village Candle will transport you to the deck of a cabin deep in the evergreen forest, Amazon describes.

Buy it on Amazon here

7. Wax & Wit's Candy Cane and Sugar Cookie Scented Candles

This two-piece soy candle set from Wax & Wit is scented with the sweet aromas of candy canes and sugar cookies.

Made from soy wax and paraffin-free, each candle has a burn time of over 50 hours.

Buy it on Amazon here

Candles surrounded by Christmas decorations.
Candles surrounded by Christmas decorations. iStock/Getty Images Plus

8. Love & Linger's Santa's Cookies Scented Candle

This hand-poured scented candle from Love & Linger offers a blend of "cookies, spice and everything nice," Amazon describes.

Made from fragrance oils mixed with an organic soy and beeswax blend, the oversized 16-oz. candle will fill large bedrooms.

Buy it on Amazon here

9. Yankee Candle's Balsam and Cedar Scented Candle

This large scented candle (measures 6.6 inch x 4 inch) from Yankee Candle offers "a festive forest fragrance" from its blend of balsam, aromatic cedarwood and juniper berry.

Made with paraffin-grade wax, the candle has a burn time of 110 to 150 hours.

Buy it at Walmart here

Decorations on a Christmas tree.
A close-up of decorations on a Christmas tree. Infuse your home with the smell of Christmas trees with a pine-scented candle. iStock/Getty Images Plus

10. Mulled Cider and Evergreen Spruce Scented Candle

This two-pack 14-oz. candle set includes one candle scented with fresh evergreen, pine and amber, while the other smells of apple, clove and orange zest.

Buy it at Walmart here

11. WoodWick's Pumpkin Butter Scented Candle

This large, hourglass-shaped 22-oz. candle from WoodWick features a natural wood wick that "combines the soothing sound of a crackling fire" with a fragrant blend of fresh pumpkin, warm spices and "sweet buttery notes," Walmart describes.

Buy it at Walmart here

12. Opalhouse's Eggnog Latte Candle

This stylish candle from Opalhouse features a warm fragrance blend of eggnog, vanilla and biscotti.

Made from soy wax and paraffin wax, the 15.1-oz. candle will burn for up to 50 hours.

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Glasses of eggnog on a table.
Glasses of eggnog seen on a Christmas table spread. iStock/Getty Images Plus

13. Threshold's Apple Joy Cinnamon Red Scented Candle

This flat candle from Threshold features a fragrant blend of fresh apple and cinnamon, burning for up to 16 hours.

Buy it at Target here

14. Chesapeake Bay Candle's Under The Tree Scented Candle

This pine-scented candle from Home Scents by Chesapeake Bay Candle captures the Christmas spirit with the aroma of wintry, fresh-cut pine trees.

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A candle next to Christmas-themed spices/aromas.
A candle in glass jar set next to dry orange slices, cinnamon sticks and green fir tree branches. Get into the Christmas spirit with a candle scented with festive aromas. iStock/Getty Images Plus

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