All The Best Memes About M Night Shyamalan's 'Old'

Old follows a group of tourists who find themselves trapped on a beach that ages them rapidly. For an M Night Shyamalan film, the premise doesn't seem completely out of the ordinary.

He's previously made movies about a man with 24 different personalities, and a toxin that makes people hurt themselves without warning.

But Old has really captured people's imagination and got the memes rolling in.

The Best Memes About Old

Some of these memes not only focus on the film itself, but take the premise and extend it to other people, putting young and old photos alongside one another.

One looks at Evan Hansen, the focus of the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen, and how the actor Ben Platt has aged between his different portrayals of the role.

Others look at people starring in movie franchises, such as Star Wars.

Probably my favorite one yet.

— Phillip Iscove (@pmiscove) July 25, 2021

Another considers the world of Mamma Mia, in which Lily James played a younger version of Meryl Streep's character, putting them alongside each other after a day on the beach.

Others focus on, similarly, the three stars of the X-Men sequels, and how they have aged into the stars of the later movies.

fun fact: the events of the mamma mia cinematic universe actually take place in 1 day because they live on the beach that makes you old

— julia (@julesonfilm) July 25, 2021

Is this anything? #OldMovie

— Eammon Jacobs (@EammonJacobs) July 25, 2021

Even Netflix got in on the gag with a picture of the cast of The Old Guard, the Netflix movie about a team of immortal soldiers.

For that, they are shown to have aged not one bit after a trip to this beach, despite having lived decades in just a few minutes.

Fans of the seemingly ageless actor Paul Rudd also posted a meme, showing how they thought his time on the beach might go.

Paul Rudd when he gets to the beach in Old vs when Paul Rudd leaves the beach a few days later

— Mr Bean’s Stunt Double (@MustacheDad) July 25, 2021

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) July 26, 2021

Other memes have stepped outside of the world of celebrity, and instead are considering themselves on a beach, and how they might look afterwards.

For this, images of more elderly people have been used, as well as pictures from movies that feature older actors.

— Cameron Scheetz (@cameronscheetz) July 25, 2021

Me on the old beach

— AJ (@ajdeluxe_) July 25, 2021

— zach silberberg (@zachsilberberg) July 25, 2021

The Plot of Old

Ahead are some spoilers for Old.

The story follows a group of people who go to a seemingly beautiful beach that mysteriously ages them rapidly and their efforts to escape.

As many will know, Shyamalan movies always end with a twist, and this one is no different, when the reason for the tourists being sent to this deadly beach is finally revealed.

It turns out, the people all had medical conditions and were groomed by online advertising to bring them to a particular resort for a holiday.

At the resort, they received a cocktail that was actually new medications that needed to be tested.

On the beach, the scientists were able to monitor the progress of these medicines over a period of decades in just one day, because the magnetism within the rocks allowed the people to age very quickly.

The two children, who end their time on the beach as middle-aged people, manage to escape under the coral in the sea and raise the alarm.

Vicky Krieps and Gael Garcia Bernal
Vicky Krieps and Gael Garcia Bernal in 'Old.' They play Prisca and Guy, a married couple moving toward divorce. Prisca has a stomach tumour, and is chosen for the island. Universal

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