Bill Gates Watches Chris Rock Brutally Roast Him in Awkward Viral Video

Bill Gates has been filmed watching on while Chris Rock eviscerated the Microsoft founder during an expletive-laden stand-up routine.

The tech billionaire is no stranger to criticism and the occasional bit of mockery, but that didn't prevent him from looking more than a little awkward when his name came up while watching one of Rock's Netflix comedy specials.

In a video posted to TikTok by zionscott0, Gates can be seen gently smiling as Rock takes him to task during a foul-mouthed section of stand-up. It can be viewed here.

"Do you think kids were nice to Bill Gates in high school?" Rock asks in the clip, before taking on the imagined persona of a school bully picking on the world-famous software developer.

"Hey Gates, you Charlie Brown-looking motherf***er," he says.

"F**k you Gates, you four-eyed b****."

In the clip, several people can be heard laughing, while the person holding the camera is shown towards the end of the clip giggling along.

The video, which was posted with the title "Just Smile Through The Pain," has been viewed more than 1.8 million times on TikTok.

It was originally posted by Zion Scott who, according to his Twitter account, is a high school footballer.

Scott has since returned to TikTok to offer up an explanation as to how he ended up filming Gates's reaction. That video can be viewed here.


Just smile through the pain @chrisrock

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According to the second video, Scott is friends with the Microsoft founder's 18-year-old daughter Phoebe.

"I'm really good friend with Bill Gates' daughter, Phoebe, so me, Phoebe, two other friends and Bill were just watching that comedy special at their cabin and that part came on and we were all laughing super hard so we rewound it and I started filming it," he says on the video.


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♬ original sound - Zion

The footage of Rock on stage comes from his 2017 Netflix special Tamborine and the clip features only half of the expletive-laced diatribe the comedian ends up aiming at Gates, while speaking in the role of the fictional bully during his routine.

Had the clip continued, then viewers would have heard Rock say: "F**k you and your Windows, you gap-tooth motherf**ker. I'm going to smack the s*** out of you f***ing Gates, Gates motherf***er, you can't get in the gate, Gates."

Despite his charitable efforts and contributions to the fight against COVID-19, Gates has emerged as something of a lightning rod for criticism in recent times, not least among the anti-vaccination community, who have linked the tech billionaire to a number of conspiracy theories regarding the jab.

Gates also garnered criticism after it emerged, earlier this year, that he had had several meetings with Jeffrey Epstein after the pedophile was convicted on child sex offenses—something the software developer acknowledged was a "huge mistake."

Prior to that, Gates was also forced to deny reports claiming his departure from the board of the Microsoft Corp. was tied to an investigation into a previous relationship he had with a female staff member.

Newsweek has reached out to Scott and Gates for comment.

Bill Gates and Chris Rock.
Bill Gates speaks during All In WA: A Concert For COVID-19 Relief / Chris Rock on the 2017 Total Blackout tour - the tech entrepreneur has been filmed reacting to one of the comedian's stand-up specials where he openly mocks the Microsoft founder. Getty Images for All In WA / Ethan Miller/Getty