Biohazard Cleaner Reveals What 20 Years of Chain Smoking Does to Your Walls

A biohazard cleaner has revealed what 20 years of chain smoking can do to a home's walls.

The cleaner, who is known on social media as Biggie Clean, uploaded a clip on Thursday to his TikTok account, where he regularly shares videos showing the aftermath of crime scenes and hoarding cases. It has already been watched more than 11 million times.

Biggie Clean, who says his videos are "spreading awareness and reducing the stigma behind hoarding and related mental illnesses," captioned the clip: "Don't smoke kids."

As he filmed a room with yellow walls, he explained that the previous owner had never scrubbed the house, so nicotine stains had permeated the room.

He said: "Twenty years of chain smoking. Guys, this is what happens if you never clean your walls and you're a super-heavy smoker. So, basically, we got a call from the owner of this property, saying they have a new tenant moving in and they need it cleaned before they could get in there."

Dressed in a hazmat suit, he continued: "So I start off in the bathroom because I'm always on bathroom duty. Just look how satisfying that is. This job was seriously one of the most enjoyable jobs I've ever done just because of how satisfying it was."

He was using what looked like a hand-held vacuum, as he explained how he was lifting the stains.

"Basically, what we're doing is we're applying our strongest chemical, plus using the steam machine to help activate it. Then I'm using things like scour brushes and rags to help clean up all that dirt and years of smog that was left on the walls," he said.

"Upon first glance, I really wasn't sure if we were going to be able to get off all those layers of smoke. But that steam machine really came in for us and helped us out a bunch. Plus, it was really fun to use."

He claimed that his team had also met the new tenant, which he indicated was rare in his line of work.

Biggie Clean said: "What was really cool about this job was we actually got to meet the person moving into the property. And he had seen what it looked like before, and he was super-worried about moving in. As he should be. I mean, you guys saw how bad those walls were. And so when we had finished he was just absolutely blown away. Which never gets old. I love those before and after reactions."

After finishing the bathroom, he moved on to the kitchen with his trusty steam machine.

He said: "So, here's me working in the kitchen. Basically, I just started from top to bottom, and steamed all the walls and cabinets. It basically just drips down to the next level, and it makes it super-satisfying to wipe up. I was just super-happy it was coming off the walls in the first place.

"Sometimes these jobs can just take so long because the dirt and grime just doesn't want to come off. And so the final step of this project was just applying an odour sealant. Basically, it kills off any remaining odour from the last 20 years of smog building up, and this is the final walkthrough."

He filmed the two-bedroom home, in an unknown location, after his team had tackled the stains.

"There's nothing spectacular since they're still remodelling it but, I mean, look at that kitchen, so much better than before," he said.

Numerous people have commented on the video, with Isaac asking: "How could you live in a yellow/brown tinged house?"

Berticuss asked: "Someone agreed to rent this?"

Sky added: "This is basically my house when we first moved in. Lots of scrubbing and cleaning for a long time."

Newsweek has contacted Biggie Clean for comment.

Stock image of a cleaner removing mold
Stock image of a cleaner removing mold. A biohazard cleaner has revealed what 20 years of chain smoking does to your walls. coja1108/Getty Images