Pet Owner 'Wins the Internet' After Hosting Epic Birthday Party for Cats

A cat owner has melted hearts online after sharing the adorable birthday thrown for three cats, including "purrfaits", and the ensuing food comas.

The owner, who wished to stay anonymous, took to Reddit to share the party in a post to Subreddit "Cats".

"My sister requested that I throw a birthday party for her cats while I'm babysitting them. I think I delivered," she captioned the images.

The party celebrated the birthdays of littermates Mabel and Dipper, along with Ahsoka whose birthday falls within the same week yet is a year older, and melted hearts online in doing so. Just like a human party, party hats were worn and treats served, including "purrfait" made with dog food and homemade whipped cream—sure to include no sugar.

"The party request was a little surprising but I was happy to oblige. My cat is an adventure cat with an Instagram, @ahsokatheadventurecat, hence I am used to all kinds of weird cat events and photos. IF I hadn't had previous experience getting Ahsoka to wear a hat, there is no way I could have kept hats on all three cats this time," she told Newsweek.

Reddit cat party
Cat party shared to Reddit. @aquickcupofcoffee
Ahsoka at the party
Ahsoka at the birthday party. @aquickcupofcoffee

"The party involved them dressing up to eat their purrfaits (cat food with a little homemade whipped cream, served in a shot glass) and then going outside on leashes and playing in the sun."

In recent years, pet parties have become a booming business, and despite seeming frivolous to some, are essential events for dog and cat owners across the U.S. According to a 2016 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey, seven percent of dog owners hold holiday or birthday parties for their dogs, while 28 percent buy them birthday gifts.

Cats at party
Dipper and Mabel during the birthday party, @aquickcupofcoffee

The parties however are just as much fun for the animals as they are the humans though, according to this cat owner. "Eating and going outside are two of their favorite activities, so they were stoked," she explained.

"Dipper was a little afraid of the party balloons at first, but he got used to it. Mabel is a ham and ate up the attention. But after eating all the cream and then playing outside. They both went into a food coma.

"My sister was absolutely thrilled and is in love with the party pics. She's out of the country for a few months and misses her cats, so she really appreciated it."

The sister wasn't the only one to love the party, as Reddit users rushed to praise the celebration, thanking the owner for putting in so much effort for the felines.

"This made my life. Thank you," wrote one user.

"That is my kind of party. Cats, food and no people," added another.

"This wins the internet today," noted one Reddit user.

Cats in food coma
The cats during their post-party food coma. @aquickcupofcoffee