Dogs Thrown Beach Party by Animal Shelter and It's so Joyful

Chances are most of us would rather be at a party on a beach right about now, however, a group of dogs at an animal shelter in North Dakota have been living out this dream.

The pets were thrown a 'beach party' by staff at Circle of Friends Animal Shelter in Grand Forks, and it is one of the sweetest things we've ever seen.

In collaboration with Bully Brew Coffee, the fun event took place on July 15 and was posted to Facebook by the shelter in a live video, which can be viewed here.

The animals are Shepadoodles, which are a cross between a German shepherd and the standard poodle.

In the footage they run out into the yard as the employees blow bubbles into the air.

There are multiple beach balls on the ground and a ball pit.

The dogs, clearly in a joyous mood, can be seen leaping about the space as the staff watch on. They also chase after the colorful beachballs.

Some of the pets then play in the ball pit which is also filled with water, making it double the fun.

One of the staff members can be heard saying: "All these Shepadoodles are up for adoption. We're having a beach party thanks to Bully Brew who provided bubbles, and coffee for the team. They are all available for adoption."

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Circle of Friends Animal Shelter captioned the Facebook Live video, writing: "Bully Brew Coffee hosted a Beach Party for our available puppies! Thank you for the great coffee and bubbles!!!!"

The adorable day out has so far garnered more than 3,100 views and 198 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the sweet moment.

One Facebook user, Dariann Leigh, commented: "Oh my gosh this so so fun!!! Makes my heart so happy"

Another person, Bambi Woodward, added: "Been great seeing busineses help out the Rescues. Very admirable."

Totie Greene Justice typed: "They are having so much fun."

Judy Lerma gushed: "That's so great. Beautiful.

Trudy Vigen-Soli commented: "So dang cute... look at all that energy.. love it."

Sara Jane Pershke stated: "That looks like heaven."

On their account, Circle of Friends Animal Shelter explains that its mission "is to enrich the lives of pets through healing, education, and connecting companions."

On their site explain about shepadoodles, writing that they "are a designer dog that has been bred to incorporate the intelligence of the German Shepherd with the non-shedding (and additional intelligence) of a Standard Poodle."

It added that "Shepadoodles originated in the U.S., as the US Army developed this breed in the 1960s as a military police dog. Because they come from two working breed dogs, they have an energetic disposition and need for regular and rigorous exercise."

Newsweek have contacted Circle of Friends Animal Shelter for comment.

group of dogs
Stock image of a group of dogs. An animal shelter recently hosted a beach party for some shepadoodles. Getty Images