German Shepherd Pranked by Man Dressed As Dragon Has Hilarious Reaction

Pranks can be hilarious, but they can also be quite terrifying as a German Shepherd on TikTok recently found out.

In a footage shared to the app by user Frankie Forbes, known online as _frankie_forbes, the dog can be seen lying on the kitchen floor relaxing when a man dressed in an inflatable dragon costume rounds the corner.

The dog springs up to run away, clearly scared, and his paws skid on the polished wooden floor as he scrambles toward the door squealing.

However, perhaps realizing he could actually be a match for the fake dragon, he then spins around and begins barking at the man, finally showing his guard-dog prowess.

The hilarious video is captioned: "#fyp #IntroVideo #HolidayVibes #OPIObsessed #dog #foryoupage #scarecam #jumpscare #halloween #ohnono."

The footage, which was shared on November 29, 2020 has so far received more than 12.9 million views and garnered 2 million likes.

The clip has also recently gained traction on Instagram account Pubity, and since it was posted on July 7 it has received 3.7 million views.

Many people have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny prank.

One TikTok user, Kayla, wrote: "Forgot he was the protector for a moment there."

Another person, Sethschriver9, added: "He was like damn mom watching I gotta be tough."

Roots typed: "He forgot he was a German Shepard."

Rachel Ctid Showell stated: "That dog ran like Scooby Doo."

Richard Anthony Seamann commented: "I can't prank my dog like this. I wouldn't have the time to say that it is a prank!"

Hey observed: "That dog was like 'hell noo' and then realized I can totally take this guy."

Some people did not see the funny side of the prank, believing it to be unkind.

To this, Samantha Powell763 replied: "To the people who are calling this cruel or saying that he should have his dog taken away: Personal experience has made me understand that dogs have a concept of revenge, even if its very basic.

"That German Shepherd probably hogged his owner's bed for at least the night afterwards. Animals are built to fend for themselves and don't need to be constantly babied by people on high horses. "

And in other funny news relating to German Shepherds, a TikTok video recently went viral showing a dog's hilarious reaction to entering the wrong home.

The adorable clip shows the canine's sheer panic and is overlaid with text that reads: "The moment this dog realized this ain't his house and we ain't his humans."

German Shepherd in field
A stock image of a German Shepherd in a field. In the TikTok video, a similar-looking dog is pranked by a man dressed as a dragon. Getty Images