Two Bulldogs Guard Baby's Crib in Adorable Footage

One little baby has his very own pair of bodyguards who watch his crib while he sleeps and plays.

No, not two burly men in suits, but instead a pair of American Bulldogs in chain collars.

Footage posted to TikTok on June 15 by TheBullyDistrict, begins with a shot of the two dogs lying on a nursery room carpet.

They are wagging their tails as they as they lie side by side, and are both looking in the same direction.

The camera then pans across the room to show a baby lying in a cot, and looking up at a Star Wars-themed dial as he joyfully thrashes about.

Text overlaying the footage reads: "When your baby comes with his own bodyguards."

The adorable video captioned is captioned: "Boss baby with his bodyguards #americanbully #dogsoftiktok #dogsandbabies #dogsandkids."

The clip has gained lots of popularity online, having been viewed more than 122,900 times and surpassed 16,700 likes.

Many people flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the sweet scene.

One TikTok user, Bruce Deere, wrote: "Never got to worry about security."

Another person, Tia, added: "Baby is always going to have them backing him."

Seal Team 2 typed: "God's gift. A dog is truly everybody's best friend and soul mate forever. They know our feelings and all they wanted is to be loved before they die."

User152081443258 gushed: "Baby is wiggling, dogs' tails are wiggling. It is a wiggle party!"

Stella Christou Tricomitis commented: "So cute dogs are the best."

While account holder user6372572211099 revealed that her dogs behaved similarly, writing: "I will tell you our German Shepherd Huskies are very protective of my now two-year-old granddaughter... one of them used to make sure she was covered at naps."

One dog that may not be the greatest bodyguard is a puppy fighting his own reflection in the mirror in a recent viral video.

In a clip, shared to TikTok by account Ashethepittie on May 30, the little dog can be seen walking up to a large mirror in a bedroom.

Looking quizzical, he then stares at his own reflection, before moving forwards and attempting to grapple with himself in the mirror, using his paws and head to attack.

The adorable footage has so far been seen 14 million times and garnered 3.1 million likes.

The video is captioned: "Throw back to on our first day #cyprus #fypp #greece #pitbull #bluenose #bluenosepitbull #puppy #pittie #throwbacks."

Newsweek have contacted TheBullyDistrict for comment.

An American Bulldog
A stock image of an American Bulldog. In a TikTok video, a baby is being guarded by two similar-looking dogs. Getty Images