Man Shot by Bodyguards After Attempting to Rob Congressman in His Car

A congressman came out of an attempted armed robbery unscathed thanks to the quick thinking of the bodyguards in his car with him.

Aldo Dávila, who currently serves as Guatemala's first openly gay congressperson, was traveling with his security team on Monday through the city's capital when a group of armed thieves surrounded his vehicle.

Footage of the incident was caught on a local security camera and went viral on Facebook and Reddit. While at a red light, at least three men surround the car and look in through the windows, allegedly displaying their weapons. The driver promptly produces his own firearm and shoots one suspect.

Though the others are able to run away, the one the guards shot was unable to get off the ground. The video ends as the guards stop traffic to apprehend the man and assess his injuries.

"I'm fine, a little scared," Dávila told The Associated Press. "They approached from various sides, I threw myself to the ground and my guards, fortunately, repelled the attack."

Reddit viewers were shocked at the attempted robbery in broad daylight. One tried to make light of the situation, saying, "No more carjacking for him. Time to choose a different profession." Another quoted a line from Indiana Jones: "They chose poorly."

#NACIONALESATENTADO CONTRA DIPUTADOEsta tarde el Diputado Aldo Davila fue víctima de un atentado armado, dentro de la misma quedan muchas...

Local Facebook activist group Patzun OBAP Official also posted about the incident online. While authorities have not declared whether or not the attempted attack was prompted by homophobia, the group noted Dávila's work has made him a target.

"There are many discrepancies since he has been a person who has brought to light and has fought against various anomalies of the current government," they wrote.

Dávila also told The Associated Press that since the incident, his security detail has been intensified. He now travels with police officers.

"This is the first attack that [has happened] to me, I constantly receive threats for work but no more than that," he said.

A police spokesperson added that his bodyguards "did not hesitate to act when an unknown person jumped into the legislator's vehicle and suddenly struck a glass."

Soy502 identified the man who was shot at the crime scene as Fernando José Barreno. The 20-year-old sustained an injury to his back and right shoulder and was taken to an emergency room for his gunshot wounds, according to a police report obtained by the outlet.

This is not the first video of a botched armed robbery to go viral this week. On Monday, two young teens attempted to steal from an older man, but his quick self-defense skills left one of the boys "squealing like a pig."

Armed robbery car
A congressman was lucky to have his bodyguards in the car with him when an armed robber approached his vehicle. Ross Land/Getty Images