Viral Video Shows Failed Armed Robber Left Squealing like a Pig

A failed-attempt-at-robbery video from San Leandro, CA has gone viral with thousands of views on social media for probably all the right reasons. The Reddit clips show two teen robbers approaching an adult man, apparently intent on stealing from him, but quickly learn they chose the wrong guy to mess with.

The attempted robbers, who both appear to be young teens, can be seen in home security footage approaching a man on a residential street. One of them appears to be armed with a weapon, suspected to be a gun, and points it out at the would-be victim.

The video shows both the assailants trying to corner the much taller man who appears to feel less than threatened by the pair. The victim can then be seen grabbing one of the robbers, lifting him up in the air by his waist, and smashing him down hard on the road. The teen losses grip of his gun and it falls to the pavement while the would-be victim is seen pinning him to the ground with his knee.

"Ok, Okay!," the teen exclaims, before screeching in pain and surprise. He continues to let out high-pitched screams akin to that of a pinned pig as his companion yells for the man to "let him go" from a distance.

The man finally lifts his knee and pushes the assailant down the street, encouraging him to "Get the **** out of here, get the **** out of here" along the way.

Emmy award-winning comedian and celebrity host Loni Love shared the video on Twitter, captioning it, "Kids tried to do a robbery..went home to fill out hub applications.." Her tweet has since received over 12k likes, along with the 16k likes on the original Reddit post.

Kids tried to do a robbery.. went home to fill out hub applications..

— Loni Love (@LoniLove) April 17, 2021

While people in the comments continue to wonder if the culprits were identified and caught, one concerned user insisted that they should have been handed over to the cops instead of allowed to run off.

"Let's hope the kid learns but I'm not banking on it. That free pass will likely just cost another victim, possibly their life."

Some netizens, however, believe that the robbers received their punishment in the court of the internet: "I think having him get bodied and him screaming like b***h a** all over the internet is punishment enough," said one.

While this victim did not need saving, not all robbers fail in their motives. Late last week a 21-year-old in Colombia robbed a woman at gunpoint with a rare Nazi handgun.

Armed robbery
Two teens did not get away with their attempt at robbery. Jeenah Moon/GETTY