Confused Puppy Fights Against His Own Reflection in Adorable Video

Anyone who has ever been in close proximity to a puppy will know that while they are incredibly cute, they can also be total rascals.

Whether they are chewing up your newest shoes or digging up some freshly planted bulbs in the backyard—those cuddly canines are always up to something.

However, on the day that one TikTok user first brought their pet home, they found the little Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier, whose name is Ashe, embroiled in a fight.

No, not with the the neighbor's cat or even a black bear cub, but instead against his own reflection.

In the footage, shared by account Ashethepittie on May 30, the little dog can be seen walking up to a large mirror in a bedroom.

He then stares at his own reflection, looking perplexed, before moving forwards and from side to side, his tail wagging as his reflection, naturally, does the same.

Clearly rattled by his apparent opponent, the dog launches forwards and tries to grapple with himself in the mirror, using his paws and head to attack.

The cute clip is captioned: "Throw back to on our first day #cyprus #fypp #greece #pitbull #bluenose #bluenosepitbull #puppy #pittie #throwbacks."

The video has gained lots of popularity online, having been viewed more than 13.8 million times and surpassed 3.1 million likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their delight at the adorable clip.

One TikTok user, Nichelle, wrote: "He like yeah? You want some of me? Ruff."

Another person, Prince BryBry, added: "I love puppy TikTok so much I swear."

What's Up!? typed: "So adorable. I am going to explode!"

Chasity commented: "Awe looks like the puppy needs another puppy friend."

B Nasty joked: "U tryna go???? HUH???"

Fuego gushed: "He is so cute."

However if videos of puppies doing peculiar things are what you need to cheer you up today, you may also enjoy this clip of Bernese Mountain Dog puppy engaging in his favorite hobby.

The little canine, who is called Weller, can be seen enjoying himself in the purest of ways in a recent TikTok video—by repeatedly jumping into a bush.

The joyful footage was shared to the app by user The Berner Bunch on June 17 and has since gained more than 1 million views.

The Berner Bunch captioned the clip: "Weller is OBSESSED with this bush #bernesemountaindog #wee."

Newsweek has contacted Ashethepittie for comment.

puppy sitting on a carpet
A stock image of a puppy. In the TikTok video, a small puppy can be seen fighting himself in the mirror. Getty Images