Video of Bear Getting Scared Off by Brave Dog Goes Viral

This bear will certainly think twice before approaching this dog's property again.

A TikTok video showing an inquisitive black bear getting scared off a residential patio by a brave dog has gone viral online.

Footage of the encounter was posted on the video-sharing platform late last week on the account @hernameisphiladelphia, who also goes by Birdie, according to her profile.

The video begins with a small bear climbing onto a second-floor outdoor patio. Birdie calls out, indicating that there is more than one bear on the scene.

"Guys, a whole a** dog lives there, you're gonna get in trouble!" Birdie says.

"You're gonna fall and get hurt," she adds, as the bear climbs up the side of the house and onto the ledge of the patio's fencing. It stands on all fours surveying the outdoor table and chairs visible in the frame.

Speaking with a man off-screen, Birdie hypothesizes that the dog's owner would not risk letting the pet outside with the bear on the porch.

"Well there's no way you're gonna miss him," she says, "It's not like they're accidentally gonna let their dog out."

A moment later, as if on cue, the dog appears on the porch. It ferociously barks at the bear, which cowers to the corner beam. As the dog continues to bark at the intruder, the bear begins to urinate in fear.

"Oh s**t!" Birdie exclaims. "Oh, s**t!"

The video ends with a second bear on the ground below running away quickly as the bear stuck above frantically tries to get away from the dog.

The initial post was viewed nearly 4 million times on TikTok, and received close to 1 million likes. Many could not believe how close the brazen dog—which several viewers assessed to be a boxer—came to the wild animal.

"That boxer or pit [bull] was with ALL THE SMOKE. He turned that bear into a cat QUICK," one viewer noted. "It's kinda funny cuz bears are [supposed] to [be] strong and deadly but he got scared by a boxer the cuddliest [breed]," another commented.

Other sympathetic TikTokers expressed concern for the bear's well-being.

"Why do I feel so bad for the bear ... he was just tryna explore and now he's gonna be having nightmares about this for YEARS," one user wrote. "The bear literally peed himself. Poor guy," another added.

One bear enthusiast, however, noted that as frightening as the encounter may have been for the bear, it was an important lesson for it to learn.

"This is actually really healthy for the bear to learn not to get comfortable around people or their homes," she said. Birdie agreed: "Thank you! Yes! This interaction went perfectly."

Additional footage was posted the next day, as the first part quickly gained attention of millions of viewers online. In the second clip, the bear slides down the corner beam and runs off toward the other bears on the property.

"Aw, I felt so bad for that bear," Birdie laments. "He peed!"

"Look, mommy's checking on him," she adds as the animal approaches a larger adult bear at a nearby tree.

Off-screen, the dog's owner is heard asking if a bear had ventured onto her property. Birdie responds, "You have no idea how close you came."

Again, viewers showed empathy for the frightened bear, writing comments worried that he could have been hurt climbing down from the wooden beam.

"I hope he didn't get a splinter!" several remarked.

Another praised the dog's bravery when it came to defending his owner's property: "Such a good guard dog!! He said not my balcony."

Although Birdie did not immediately respond to Newsweek's request for comment, in subsequent videos she confirmed that the area where the bears were roaming around was in a rural area of New Jersey, and that she is a big fan of bears.

"Black bears are huge here," she says in one video. "I have been around multiple families of them growing up. I've seen many different generations of cubs, even.

"I've grown up around these guys my whole life, so I'm really familiar and comfortable with them," she added.

Similarly, last month in Pasadena, California, a nosy bear that worked its way inside a woman's home was chased out by her two brave terriers. In a desperate attempt to flee, that bear also allegedly left behind a "trail of urine."

Black bear scared off by brave dog
A black bear climbing up on a residential porch was so frightened by a dog protecting his owner's property that it peed itself. LEFT TO RIGHT: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GETTY IMAGES, SAMEER AL-DOUMY/AFP/GETTY IMAGES