Video Shows Little Terrier Dogs Chasing Giant Bear Out of Family Home

A California homeowner had nothing to worry about when a furry intruder made his way into her home, thanks to her trusty terriers.

DeeDee Mueller's Pasadena home was targeted by a nosy bear on Saturday. The wild animal was caught on security video sniffing around her backyard and even making his way into the kitchen.

"I was taking a nap in the [living room], our kitchen and [dining] room doors were both open for fresh air and easy for the doggies to go in and out," Mueller explained on Facebook.

Luckily for Mueller, her two terriers Squirt and Mei Mei were on the case. Once they got wind of the four-legged intruder, the two are heard on camera barking ferociously and chasing his scent. The video ends with the bear running in terror away from the two tough pups.

"You could tell the bear looked nervous inside the house," Mueller said on her social media. "Actually, he [went] into another pond on the other side of the yard but got chased away by the dogs again."

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"Bear season officially started in our neighborhood," Mueller posted to Facebook. "A young bear wandered into the house but Squirt and Mei Mei said, 'HELL NO, get out of our house!'"

According to a report from ABC7, Mueller reported that she and her husband "saw actually a trail of urine. So clearly, the bear was nervous."

Mueller even joked in the comments section that her two brave pooches "don't know what fear is."

Her Facebook friends were astounded by the incident and impressed by the quick-thinking of her dogs. "Holy smokes! I love bears but not in the house!! Your doggies are very brave!" one wrote. "Holy cow! Thank goodness for the dogs. And yes close the doors!" said another.

According to The Sacramento Bee, Mueller estimated the bear to be "very young," around 2 or 3 years old. While her house has had its share of bear encounters in the past, she shared on Facebook that she hopes the brazen bear entering her house "doesn't set the tone for this bear season."

Mueller's Pasadena home is not alone in recent bear sightings. A few weeks ago in Connecticut, a bear who went viral in 2017 for her attempts to break into a home with freshly baked brownies returned to the neighborhood, this time with her cubs in tow.

Brown bear
A bear, much like the one above, was scared off a California property by two very brave terriers. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images