'Embarrassed' Dog Enters Wrong Home by Accident—His Reaction Is Hilarious

We all find ourselves in embarrassing situations from time to time but, as a recent viral video has shown, this might not be an exclusively human experience.

In footage posted to TikTok by Oli Marr, known online as brothermarr, a dog can be seen walking into the wrong home by accident, and his reaction is hilarious.

The video begins with Marr filming his house as he has hears a disturbance in the kitchen area. As he rounds the corner, what appears to be a Border Collie approaches him, wagging his tail.

The animal walks right up and sniffs him, before it slowly dawns on the pet that he is not in the right place.

Realizing the error of his ways, the canine swiftly spins around and hurtles towards the door, slipping over in his haste.

The adorable clip is overlaid with text that reads: "The moment this dog realized this ain't his house and we ain't his humans."

The video, which was shared on June 9, is captioned: "Poor pooch #dog #hoomans."

The clip has gone viral online, having been viewed more than 21.6 million times and surpassed 5.9 million likes.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hilarious footage.

One TikTok user, known online as simp 4 ever mad scientist, wrote: "At least he was polite about it."

Another person, Courtney Dawson, added: "You're NOT MY DAD."

Maryoom typed: "He got so embarrassed."

Calicifer the German Shepherd joked: "She told her friends 'guys, I almost gotdognapped!'"

An account called user4810280687738 commented: "The dog's thoughts: Hello I'm back! Oh I'm so sorry this has been a confusion, sorry sorry sorry. Oh my I have never been so embarrassed."

Thatstofunnylol mused: "I wonder if she went home and told her humans???"

Q exclaimed: "It's like when you walk into the wrong classroom at school."

And if dogs having humorous reactions to humans is what you need to read today, an 8-year-old dog has also gone viral on TikTok due to his utter contempt for being woken up in the morning.

Lisa Mattuchio, the adorable pooch's owner, has a daily battle to wake up Eddie, which she documents on her account @eddieonwheels.

This content has proved to be very popular online—Eddie has more than 649,000 followers and 12.4 million likes.

In one video, which has attracted 1.2 million views, Mattuchio slowly approaches her pet to peel back the blanket he is snoozing under.

She says: "Eddie, come on, bud, it's been about 10 minutes, come on."

Clearly irritated at being roused from his slumber, this prompts the animal to begin snarling.

However, his growls do eventually subside once Mattuchio manages to lift the dog upright.

Border Collie Dog
A stock image of a Border Collie dog. In the TikTok video, a similar-looking dog was caught entering the wrong home. Getty Images