'Boogaloo Boi' Steven Carrillo Marries in Jail Ahead of Murder Trial Over Deputy Ambush

"Boogaloo Boi" Steven Carillo has gotten married in jail while wearing a prison uniform, as he faces the death penalty over a police officer's murder.

According to KSBW, Carillo got married to his girlfriend Silvia Amaya as he waits to stand trial for the murder of Santa Cruz County Sheriff Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller, 38.

The outlet said the virtual wedding was held at the Alameda County Santa Rita Jail, in California, on Christmas Eve, 2020.

It added Amaya wore a white wedding dress while Carrillo donned his prison uniform during the ceremony.

Carillo was arrested last year after Sgt. Gutzwiller was shot and killed while in pursuit of a suspect.

Several other officers were shot in the June 6 ambush near Ben Lamond, in Santa Cruz County, California.

According to the Justice Department, Carrillo "used his own blood to write various phrases on the hood of the car that he carjacked" ahead of the deadly attack.

It added: "The phrases relate to an extremist ideology that promotes inciting a violent uprising through use of militias."

The FBI later said he was associated with the Boogaloo movement, an anti-government political cause whose members prepare for a civil war, dubbed "the boogaloo."

Carrillo is also charged with murdering federal protective services officer David Underwood during a drive-by shooting in Oakland on May 29, 2020.

Investigators said Carrillo used a homemade AR-15-like rifle in both attacks.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart told KSBW that the force had improved since the attack. He told the outlet: "Since that incident, we've beefed up a lot of our security measures.

"We've established a much more robust intelligence unit and we're tracking a lot of these people that may want to cause our community or police harm."

Sheriff Hart added: "We weren't aware of him. I'm not saying that some of our federal partners weren't. But locally, we did not have that information."

Carrillo continues to be held at an Alameda County jail over the murder and is expected to be brought to Santa Cruz County on June 11 and then June 28 for court hearings for the murder trial.

Should Carrillo eventually be found guilty of Gutzwiller's murder, he faces the possibility of being given the death penalty.

Newsweek has contacted the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office for comment.

Steven Carrillo is accused of murder
Steven Carrillo is accused of murdering police officer Damon Gutzwiller. Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department