Boss Pretending To Fire Employee As April Fools Sparks Backlash Online

An employee's story of an ill-judged April Fools' joke has gained viral attention online, with internet users outraged by the story.

Reddit user –Savathun– shared the story on the popular subreddit r/anitwork on Saturday, where they explained: "My boss told me I was fired as soon as I got into work, laughed and walked off."

In the post, which now has over 87,000 upvotes and thousands of comments, the employee explained: "I spent the last two hours shutting down my station and packing my stuff. Even destroyed my client list. When I got home three hours later, he called me..."

The Redditor explained that their boss called to ask why they were not in the office, to which they replied: "You fired me, why the h*** would I be at work?"

The boss then explained that it was simply an April Fools' joke and said: "Get back in here."

But the employee was not happy, telling Reddit: "He lost his s***, and I hung up on him. It's not f****** funny, and I'm taking a vacation/riding the wrongful termination train. he has called me 10 times and I think HR is calling me now."

Reddit users were shocked by the man's joke, one commenter wrote: "And on that day, the boss learned what it truly means to be the April Fool," while another user said: "Seriously. Employers 'joking' about termination in such serious times should not get to be let go lightly."

"They think threatening our ability to pay for food and a place to live is funny," wrote one Redditor. "Won't be so funny when your a** is named in the lawsuit!"

In a later update, the employee shared that the boss had been put on temporary leave after yelling at employees later that day. "He also sent me no less than 72 messages via text and 13 voicemails," said the poster. "All of which I'm too lazy to look at atm. HR and another department have been talking with me."

The threat of job loss is currently at the front of many people's minds. With inflation in the U.S. recently hitting a 40-year high, the consumer price index reported that living costs rose by 7.9 percent over the last year, with the cost of food, housing, gas, and utilities all rising. In a recent study by TD Ameritrade, 47 percent of Americans said that they believe the cost of living is the biggest threat to their financial security.

The Redditor shared an update post on Sunday which has over 35,000 upvotes. The user said that it looked like the manager would be losing his position at the company and had been put on leave.

"I am being shuffled to another team," they explained. "Getting a $5.15 raise and four bonus weeks of vacation." The user also shared that they will be secondary lead on their new team and have a new boss who "is far less of a hassle and a lot more laid back."

Reddit users were thrilled with the result. One commenter said: "This is an epic failure on a boss' end and ultimately a win for both the company and the workers. Congrats on holding your ground!"

After the ordeal, the poster found themselves in a better place and thanked users online for their advice on the previous post. "It's weird how fast this all turned around," they said. "But I think I'll be in a better place for it financially."

Newsweek has reached out to –Savathun– for comment.

Fired as April Fools
A picture of a female employee leaving the office with her belongings, left, and a close-up of the calendar showing the date April 1, right. An employee's story of being "fired" as an April Fools' joke has sparked outrage online. Getty Images/LuckyBusiness/MultifacetedGirl