Boy Kidnapped by Alien in Viral Video Is Just Very Impressive Halloween Costume

Halloween is fast approaching, which means that you should really be starting to think about your costume.

Whatever you decide to wear, it's unlikely to be as impressive as a costume worn by a little boy on TikTok, which made it appear as though he was being abducted by an alien.

The video was shared to the app by an account called Enkyboys, which consists of Texas-based father-son duo Randy and Brice Gonzalez.

It begins with the small child trying to open a car door as an alien pulls him backward, carrying him away as his legs flail.

In the clip, which has been viewed a staggering 22.4 million times, Brice is screaming: "Dad help! Dad help!" as he is pulled backwards onto the grass.

His father, Randy, then rounds the corner yelling: "Get off my son!"

The child then falls over as he screams, before getting back up just to fall again.

For those confused by how the dramatic scene transpired, Brice's dangling legs are fake, and attached to the front of the costume.

His own legs are actually what appear to be the alien's and he is wearing the padded body of the extra terrestrial creature on his back—very clever!


Stay safe this Halloween 🎃!!! We can’t believe this alien crossed the line !! #enkyboys #enkyboy

♬ Halloween - Scary Ringtones

Enkyboys captioned the hilarious footage, which can be watched here, writing: "Stay safe this Halloween [pumpkin emoji] !!! We can't believe this alien crossed the line !! #enkyboys #enkyboy."

The video has gained lots of traction online, having also garnered 2.9 million likes.

More than 29,100 people have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts on the creative costume and the child's acting skill.

One TikTok user, Cheech & Chong, wrote: This young man has TALENT!"

Another person, Nikki Lear McClain, added: "This kid! So talented!"

The TikTok Attorney gushed: "Give this boy an Oscar! I was about to call 911!"

ThunderCloud typed: "Why doesn't this kid have an acting career yet? Dad would be a helluva actor too."

Even the official Amazon Prime Video account admitted: "This is the DRAMA we are committed too."

Tori Bee stated: "The moment you realize nobody is carrying him and he is just good at acting," alongside a string of heart-eyed emojis.

Ngreer77 commented: "Maaaan!!! He definitely needs to be acting in someone's movies, series SOMETHING! So talented!"

In other Halloween-related news a company in New Orleans is running a contest for the best costume for a person dressed up as "Dumpster Gator."

After a dead alligator was found in one of their dumpsters following Hurricane Ida, demolition and waste removal service Demo Diva will be offering the lucky winner $500 if they can replicate the surreal scene.

A file photo of a 3D rendered alien space ship. On TikTok, a boy's Halloween video made it appear as though he had been kidnapped by aliens. iStock

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