Brave Woman Fights Off 15-Foot Python Attacking Her Dachshund

As any pet parent can attest, there is nothing that owners will not do for their animals. For this brave woman, that included putting her life on the line to save her innocent pup from a dangerous slithering predator.

On Thursday morning, Tanya Drysdale of Botswana took to Facebook to share her terrifying ordeal from earlier in the day on the Snakes of Southern Africa group page. She explained that while at home, a massive 15-foot python grabbed her dachshund and attempted to kill her.

"It was a real battle to unwrap my little dog from the huge 4.6 meter [15-foot] snake," Drysdale shared on Facebook.

She and her spouse worked tirelessly for "over 15 minutes" to rescue the beloved pooch, as seen in the photo album in which a group of people are shown desperately trying to wrangle the deadly snake.

According to Drysdale, the python was "crushing [the dog's] tiny body," and even after successfully freeing her from its grip, she feared that it may have been too late and her family had lost the dog.

Fortunately, the dachshund only sustained minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

"But eventually we got it off, and apart from a few broken teeth embedded in her tummy she's ok," Drysdale wrote in her post.

Woman saves dog from 15-foot python
One brave pet parent spent 15 minutes desperately trying to save her beloved dachshund from the grips of an enormous 15-foot python. Tanya Drysdale/Facebook

Facebook users on the snake group page were amazed at her quick thinking and relieved to hear the dog was okay.

"That's one big one. Even a bigger dog would not have survived. Thanks for saving that dog," one commented. "Sorry to hear about the attack on your dog but glad it made it. Obviously a potential meal for any large python," another added.

Drysdale noted that this was not the first time in recent months that she was tasked with fighting off a giant snake. She claimed in the Facebook post that earlier this year, a vicious python set its sights on her daughter.

"Who would have thought I would have to fight off a python twice, firstly when it bit my daughter at the end of [January] and then again today when it caught my miniature sausage dog," she wrote.

She included a photo in the post of a badly bitten and bloodied ankle, although it was not immediately clear if it was taken at the time of her daughter's attack or if it was an injury she sustained while rescuing her dog.

Newsweek reached out to Drysdale, but she did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

This was the latest sighting of a deadly python in recent months. In April, a python in Thailand allegedly swallowed an innocent house cat whole; before that in March, an 8-foot python was seen slinking around a Welsh farm.