U.K. Couples 'Delaying Parenthood' Because of Brexit

Couple with baby
Parents may delay having children until after the U.K.'s referendum. Public Domain

Couples may be delaying having children until after Britain's EU referendum vote, according to research.

Professor Michael Bruter of the London School of Economics (LSE) found that young voters in particular were "far less likely to make family plans" before the June 23 vote, the Evening Standard reported.

Bruter writes in his report Inside The Mind Of A Voter, produced with Opinium Research, that voters were "already preparing to modify their housing, banking, holiday, or even family plans according to the result that will be announced later that [referendum] night."

"In terms of life choices, we find that overall, a Brexit vote would have a significantly inhibiting effect on people's likelihood to commit to prospective life-changing choices," he said.

"We indeed find that voters in general and young voters in particular would be far less likely to make family plans... in the context of a Brexit vote as compared to a vote to remain in the EU."