As Brian Laundrie Evades Police, His Family Come Under Increasing Scrutiny

As the manhunt for Brian Laundrie enters its third week, his sister and his dead fiancé's parents are casting doubts over his parents' story about when he was last seen.

Laundrie is missing and has been named as a person of interest in the homicide of his fiancée Gabby Petito, 22. She was declared missing on September 11, 10 days after after not returning from a cross-country tour of national parks with Laundrie, but was found dead in a national park in Wyoming on September 19.

Laundrie's parents, who live in North Fort, Florida, initially said they last saw their son on September 14, telling authorities at the time they believed he was heading to the Carlton Reserve nearby to hike or camp.

However, their attorney said on Tuesday that they now believe they last saw their son on September 13, changing the timeline from what they previously told investigators to a day earlier.

Investigators have combed the Carlton Reserve and their search has been fruitless so far. They have extended the search to North Carolina, after a hiker said he thought he had spoken with Laundrie along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina on the Appalachian Trail at around 12.30 am on Saturday.

Two recent family interviews have questioned the veracity of Laundrie's parents' story about when they last saw their son. In an interview with Dr. Phil on the Today show that aired on Wednesday, Petito's parents said when they stopped hearing from Gabby, their first calls and texts were to Brian Laundrie's parents. They said the Laundries never replied.

"A normal parent, when you text someone that they're going to call the cops because you can't find your child, they would reply," Gabby's father, Joseph Petito said. "No response, no nothing."

Joseph Petito slammed Laundrie's parents as "cowards."

"I do believe they know a lot more information than they're putting out there," said Petito's mother, Nicole Schmidt, of the Laundrie family. "Somebody needs to start talking," she added.

Brian Laundrie's sister Cassie gave an interview that aired on Tuesday on Good Morning America, which also seemed to question her parent's story about her brother.

She said she does not know where her brother is and would "turn him in" if she did. "I don't know if my parents are involved. I think if they are, they should come clean," Cassie Laundrie said.

Cassie confirmed the last time she "physically saw" and "physically spoke" to her brother was on September 6, adding that she's tried to reach out to him but has been unable to get hold of him because his phone went to voicemail.

She said there was "nothing peculiar" about the family's behavior on September 6. "There was no feeling of grand goodbye," Cassie said. "I'm frustrated in hindsight that I didn't pick up on anything."

Newsweek has contacted Steven Bertolino, the Laundrie family attorney, for comment.

As well as being a person of interest in Petito's murder, Laundrie also has an active warrant out for his arrest on fraud charges for allegedly using someone's bank card and PIN around the time his fiancée disappeared.

Petito was last seen alive in Grand Teto, Wyoming, on a cross-country road trip with Laundrie on August 25. She was found dead in Grand Teto National Park on September 19, and officials have ruled that her death was a homicide. However, the cause is still pending final autopsy results.

Brain Laundrie sightings
Brian Laundrie's family said he has not been seen since September 13 when he told his family he was going for a hike in the Carlton Reserve, Florida. But two interviews this week cast some doubt over their story about their son's dissappearance. Moab Police