Rep. Brian Sims Confronts Pro-Life Protesters at Planned Parenthood Clinic: 'What You're Doing Here Is Disgusting'

A Pennsylvania Democratic lawmaker has been condemned for his conduct after recording himself berating women who were protesting outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

State Representative Brian Sims posted two videos on social media in recent weeks, which were recorded outside Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia.

One video from April 18 shows Sims approaching one woman and what appears to be three teenage girls while they protest on the street. He then offers to donate $100 to any of the online viewers who can help him identify the protesters, a practice known as doxxing.

"There's nothing Christian about what you're doing, nothing Christian at all about what you're doing, nothing Christian or loving or godly about what you're doing," Sims said. "So I've got $100 to anybody who will identify, $100 dollars. A hundred bucks."

Sims then approaches one male protester, telling him "it would be easier if you just give me your name and address."

"What makes you think it's your job to tell women what to do with their bodies? And the truth is I'm not really asking because I don't care," he adds before walking away from the male protester.

Another video from Sims recorded on May 2 outside the same Planned Parenthood facility, which is in his district, shows him confronting a female protester for several minutes, asking viewers to help him find out where she lives so he could demonstrate outside her home.

"If you're here about the children, you can pray at home for the children," Sims tells her. "But you're not, instead you're out here shaming people for something that they have a constitutional right to do.

"You have a right to be here, doesn't mean you have a moral right to be out here. Shame on you, what you're doing here is disgusting, this is wrong, you have no business being here."

After the woman eventually asks him to stop recording her, Sims replies: "You have a problem protesting in public? Don't protest in public. If you know who this woman is and you can give me her address, we'll protest out in front of her home. Let's go protest outside of her house and tell her what's right for her body."

Both of Sims' video clips were posted to Twitter by the anti-abortion rights organization Live Action.

"Pennsylvania State Representative @BrianSimsPA harasses an elderly woman who is peacefully advocating for the lives of preborn human beings and women who are considering abortion," Live Action tweeted. "This is shameful." The group also described the clip of Sims hoping to identify the teen protesters as "disgusting."

In a statement, state Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio said: "State Rep. Brian Sims' harassment of a woman's peaceful and religious exercise of her First Amendment rights is yet another example of a troubling trend of growing extremism and hypocrisy among Democrats. People are entitled to exercise their First Amendment rights and should be free from intimidation and harassment, even when their views makes left wing Democrats like Rep. Sims uncomfortable.

"Having met Rep. Sims, I am surprised at this episode of despicable conduct. Given the nature of his conduct, he owes an apology not just to the woman he harassed, but to the people of Pennsylvania that expect more out of their elected officials," DiGiorgio added.

In a tweet to Live Action, Sims responded to the criticism: "Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values," he wrote.

"Planned Parenthood protesters are scum! I've spent years as a patient escort witnessing firsthand the hate, vitriol, hostility and BLATANT RACISM they spew. You can 'pray for a baby at home.' You sure as hell can feed a kid or clothe one instead. Old, fake, White, wrong," Sims added in another tweet.

Brian Sims
Pennsylvania State Representative and co-host Brian Sims attends the House of Taylor benefit dinner for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDSFoundation at House of Taylor on August 7, 2018, in Beverly Hills, California. Sims been criticized for recording himself berating protesters outside an abortion clinic in Philadelphia. Rachel Murray/Getty Images for ETAF