Bride Asks Internet For Advice After Wedding Dress Regret: 'Marshmallow'

A conflicted bride has taken to the internet for help after falling out of love with her wedding dress, asking what she can do now since the shop only offers store credit and she despises everything else they sell.

In a post shared on Mumsnet last Thursday, the bride, who goes by the username, 150poundrebate, explained that the first time she tried on the dress she thought it looked really pretty, but almost immediately after she realized it was too basic: "Very identikit 'bridal', which isn't me at all. Or the wedding aesthetic I want."

The bride said that the thought of getting married in that outfit makes her really sad and the only thing she would like to do to the dress is either return it or set it on fire, but in further comments she explained that returning it is not an option and she may have to waste lots of money, enough to pay for the couple's honeymoon.

According to data by The Knot, on average, American couples spent $28,000 on their ceremony/reception for an all-in total wedding cost of $34,000, with ring included.

Most of the wedding money, an average of $10,700, goes on the reception/ceremony venue. The average cost of a wedding dress is about $1,800. These figures change from state to state, with Wyoming offering the cheapest options ($15,800) and Washington the most expensive ($44,000).

The Mumsnet community tried every suggestion to help the bride in this unfortunate situation. One user, StrangeCondition suggested: "It's been a few days, you must've liked the dress to buy it so what's making you despise it now?" Riverlee said: "The obvious answer would be to sell it. Are there any wedding bridal companies locally that rent out dresses that you could sell it to?"

Rainbowqueeen commented: "Yes it sounds like an expensive mistake. Can you sell it and recoup some of your money? If you need a wedding dress anyway I'd go and have a look in the boutique and see if there is something you love before making a decision."Riverlee asked: "Have you actually got the dress, or just paid a deposit? Can you afford to. Loose the deposit."

Other users tried to talk the bride into keeping the dress. Heldinadream said: "That's a dramatic change of feeling. Could change again. (I speak as someone who constantly regrets purchases of much, much smaller things)." RishiRich said: "Can you go back to the boutique and swap it for another one? Alternatively, just keep it. You liked it enough to buy it in the first place."

In further comments the bride-to-be shared a picture of her dress, describing it as a marshmallow, and some users tried to give her some advice on how to amend the dress.

ChocolateHippo wrote: "If you want to work with the dress, I would streamline it a bit by taking a few of the flounces out of the skirt and continuing the lace down onto the skirt so it's less 'marshmallow' (example photos attached). If you're sure this isn't the vibe you're looking for, I'd definitely take it back and see if there is anything which appeals more in the store."

Other users suggested getting store credit and using it for other dresses. DDivaStar suggested: "Can't you just use the store credit to buy another dress?" Neverhot said: "Are there no other dresses you like? Could you use it for bridesmaid dresses? Or hang around the shop, wait for someone to buy their dress and see if they will use your credit and give you the cash? If you knock a bit off I'm sure someone would accept."

More suggestions included re-selling credit. JustALittleHelpPlease said: "Look at them for a swap. If not, could you take a credit note and sell it (at a discount)? That way you get some of your money back and the buyer gets a discount on the dress they purchase?"

Ehb102 added: "Negotiate with the boutique. Ask for a transferable credit note, like a gift voucher, then sell that to someone else. £900 for a £1000 gift voucher is a good deal. Or get the boutique to sell it for you, less a restocking fee."

Among other suggestions, uggmum wrote: "Could you have it altered into a style that you like. It would cost you more but a skilled seamstress may be able to alter it into something more individual. You would have direct input into the design and you might fall in love with it." And maddening said: "Find something you like and see if they can order it via their shop?"

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A bride had a very expensive change of heart when she decided she longer liked her wedding dress which the store wouldn't refund. A stock image shows the picture of a wedding dress at a boutique. Getty Images