Internet Backs Bride Demanding 3-Year-Old Niece Not Wear White Dress

A bride-to-be has been backed after taking a tough stance with 3-year-old niece by refusing to let her wear a white dress to her wedding.

Stories about so-called "bridezillas" making outlandish demands over wedding gifts and bridesmaids are nothing new on social media. Brides often come in for criticism over being inflexible, but it's important to keep in mind the stress associated with planning their big day.

As Hilda Burke, an integrative psychotherapist and couples counselor. explained to Stylist: "Weddings are still a significant life event or rite of passage for many women and as such, they can become fixated on creating the 'perfect' event in anticipation that it will be 'the best day' of their lives. This can cause a lot of stress."

While certain brides can take their demands to the extreme, it's key for guests to try and go with the flow as much as possible and adhere to the wishes of the bride within reason. One rather obvious way of keeping things ticking along nicely is to stick to the time-honored tradition that states that only the bride may wear white.

Despite this being one of the most noted and easy to follow rules, some still fall foul of it, resulting in ugly spats involving guests and the occasional break-up. Similar could be on the horizon for one groomsman, whose brother is about to be married, after his wife decided to put their 3-year-old daughter in a white dress for the wedding.

Writing in a post that has earned 14,000 upvotes on Reddit, the groomsman admitted he was immediately uneasy with the idea.

"I wasn't sure if this was appropriate as I thought it was mainly brides and flower girls who would wear white," he said. " However, he recalled that his wife "didn't care" about kids wearing white and his daughter would be the only child attending the wedding.

Eager to be as "considerate as possible" he decided to check with his brother as to whether the bride would have any issue with it. The message came back loud and clear: "white is strictly for the bride."

Though he respected their wishes, his wife reacted with fury to the change and told her husband he should have "stood up" for their daughter and they could have definitely "just rocked up" with her wearing the dress and there would have been no issue.

According to the groomsman, his wife now "wants the bride and groom to pay for a new dress" and is refusing to back down over the issue. Despite her reaction, the brother of the groom felt he did "the right thing" by checking—and many on social media were inclined to agree.

BabyCake2004 commented: "The white is for the bride and any other wedding party members, not for the toddler attending who, let's be real, is gonna receive a lot of attention no matter what she wears."

BasicDesignAdvice branded the groomsman's wife a "drama queen" over her response. "She wants daughter to wear white because the drama will entertain her."

SG131 added: "I doubt the toddler cares that much about what they wear." Christinemfm_84 said: " It sounds like she is either trying to start drama on purpose or b*** hurt that your daughter wasn't picked as a flower girl. Either way buy another dress for your daughter."

Sdpeasha, meanwhile, said that regardless of whatever the wife thinks, they needed to respect the wishes of the bride and groom. "While I think its stupid for the bride to be worried about a 3 year old wearing white it is still their wedding and they can do what they want in terms of dress code," they concluded.

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

A wedding bride and a crying toddler.
Stock images of a wedding bride and a crying toddler - a soon-to-be-married woman has sparked anger after refusing to her 3-year-old niece dress in white on her big day. shironosov / Halfpoint/Getty