Internet Backs Bride's Strict List of Wedding Rules Which Include 'No Kids'

A woman's list of rules for her upcoming wedding has been praised for doing away with tradition and taking a hardline stance on the inclusion of children.

In a video which has been viewed 1.6 million times on TikTok, a woman posting as cruzjasmine824 shared her "very real wedding rules" ahead of her nuptials later this year. She pulled no punches when it came to the demands for her big day either, with the very first rule on her list being "no kids."

"I don't want kids running around unattended with their parents not watching, that will absolutely not be happening," she says on the video, the first part of which can be viewed here.


These are my very real wedding rules I’ll be doing at my wedding this year ! #greenscreen #wedding #elfitup #latinabride #latinowedding

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She notes that there are "some exceptions" which include some of her siblings who are under the age of 15 and "out-of-towners" who would be unable to get babysitters for the whole weekend. "They got to be watching them though," she warned.

No one must wear white, with bridesmaids set to have "specific instructions" to dump "a whole bottle of red wine" on anyone they see dressed in white on her wedding day.

As for the bridesmaids themselves, she said they can pick "whatever outfit they want to wear" as long as she sees it first and they all wear the same color.

She is also opposed to the idea of wearing a garter. To the uninitiated: the wedding garter is a piece of bridal lingerie. It is tradition, during the reception, to remove this item, which is worn under the wedding dress, and toss it into the crowd.

"That's gross," she explained on the video. "I already have to kiss a man in public in front of all these people. Now you want him to go under my dress and pretend" All of her bridesmaids are going to be part of the LGBTQ+ community while her mom has been given "full creative liberty" over everything on the big day itself.

She also wants her guests to make the most of the free bar and "get wasted," though she is keen to stress that no one must drive home drunk. "We're paying so much money for an open bar, please take advantage of it," she said. "I want you drunk." The second part of the video can be watched here.

Vendors will be treated as guests with breaks while big announcements are strictly forbidden. "If you're pregnant, keep it to yourself. If you want to propose, keep that to yourself," she warned. "Do not come to my wedding day taking the attention away from me and my man."

While the list may do away with some traditions, it has been met with near-universal endorsement on social media, with users flocking to praise the woman's plans for her big day.

The no kids allowed rule proved particularly popular. "100 percent agree with the kid thing," its_neon_z wrote. "If they're younger than 13 then they're not gonna care what is going on and would be bored." Sxwqsd added: "Kids don't even like weddings. I don't know why people get mad when kids aren't allowed."

However, Sophia Bounatsos did warn that any "exceptions" would allow people to "break the rules" when it came to bringing kids along. "People can find sitters months in advance, they just refuse," they warned.

Others felt the decision to skip the garter tradition was a great move too. 98jreed said "Love the no garter rule, it's a really disturbing thing to do in front of family." Jack Birth agreed: "The garter is so weird, they made me get up and try to catch it at my sister's wedding, like I would want to do that?"

Mady Britton applauded the move to let bridesmaids wear whatever they wanted. "I feel like they know their body best and then being confident is important as well," she commented. Riley P concurred: "The bridesmaids choosing their outfits is actually smart."

Newsweek has contacted cruzjasmine824 for comment.

According to Wedding Ideas, research has found modern brides are increasingly opposed to many of the time-honored traditions associated with weddings.

For example, 33 percent of those surveyed did not want to be "given away" by their father walking them down the aisle while 29 percent said they no longer felt obliged to wear white for their nuptials.

The dangers of including a child in your wedding were thrown into sharp focus by a recent viral video showing a toddler inadvertently standing on the bride's veil.

Elsewhere, a soon-to-be-married woman earned the wrath of the internet after exploding at her sister for bringing her 19-year-old daughter to a kid-free wedding.

An unhappy looking wedding bride.
Stock image of an unhappy looking wedding bride. A woman has been praised after publishing a strict list of rules for her nuptials. Hitoshi Nishimura/Getty