Bridesmaid Passes Out at Altar During Wedding in Shocking Viral Video

A wedding is a memorable day in the life of any husband and wife, but one marriage ceremony which has gone viral on TikTok will no doubt be unforgettable for the guests too.

In the clip, which was shared to the app by a woman identified as Dizzy Lizzy, we can see a bride and groom standing at an outdoor altar as the officiant delivers an address.

However, the romantic scene is suddenly thrown into pandemonium when a bridesmaid stumbles into the shot from the left and faceplants onto the grass, hitting her head on the altar on the way down.

The nearly-wedded couple look down in shock as guests and people in the wedding party run to her aid, as the woman lays slumped, bouquet still in hand.

Dizzy Lizzy captioned the video with a string of hashtags, reading: "#wedding #fail #weddingfail #fall #down #ouch #uhoh #CinderellaMovie #ArmaniMyWay #UltaBeautyatTarget #fyp #fy."

The footage, which was posted on September 4, has gone viral on TikTok, having been watched more than 16.7 million times and surpassed 790,000 likes.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the shocking moment, which can be watched here, with many choosing to see the funny side.

One TikTok user, FlamingoAmy, wrote: "Bride be like "this is MY DAY LYNDA!"

Another person, Tann Tann, joked: "Preacher is thinking ok wait your turn funeral after," alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

David Zelkowitz mused: "There's always that one person who has to be the center of attention at everything."

Stan Sandective revealed: "I would've left her there. Not on my day."

Ashley Dorl was more sympathetic, typing: "This happens a lot! Ladies! Do not lock your knees when standing up there. Also EAT! It's a hectic morning but eat and hydrate!"

Some viewers criticised the bride and groom's slow reaction, including Karentaylor9196 who asked: "Why are the 3 closest people not reacting? Be careful who's wedding you decide to be in."

Sheena ShiShi Marie agreed, adding: "Jesus nobody even cared. Is the bride even really her friend. Like Jesus. I'd be questioning our friendship after this."

However a woman called Alexandra Alvarez disagreed, writing: "Have y'all never heard of shock?

"Some people naturally jump into action when something bad happens while others freeze. Y'all are so quick to judge."

A video of a moment in another wedding ceremony recently went viral showing a marriage officiant sneakily announcing the football score during his address.

Because the ceremony was going on at the same time as an important game for the Cincinnati Bearcats, the man managed to update the guests by disguising it as a bible verse.

Bridesmaid and bride
A stock image of bride flanked by two bridesmaids. On TikTok a bridesmaid was filmed losing consciousness during a wedding ceremony. Getty Images