Marriage Officiant Sneakily Announces Football Score at Altar in Hilarious Video

A wedding is a romantic day, but for some people the love of their life is their football team.

So when Jessica Jester and Kevin McCarthy decided to get married on Saturday, October 4, they should have known that some people might have their minds on their team's game.

The Cinnicinati-based couple were standing at the altar at the exact time that the Cincinnati Bearcats were playing a college football game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

This was a big game for the Bearcats to win in terms of their ranking, and so many guests present no doubt were interested.

And there to provide the score with just under four minutes to go was a good-humored marriage officiant called Adam Billiter.

Standing at the altar, with the couple holding hands in front of him, Billiter announced: "I promised Jessica that I wouldn't bring religion into this."

He then dramatically pauses, before adding: "But I thought I needed to mention it a little bit, and just mention—From the Book of Luke, 24-13—3 minutes and 56 seconds to go. Go Cats!"

The whole room falls about laughing in the footage shot by Vivid Wedding Video.

Billiter also shared the clip to his own Twitter account along with the caption: "When your friends are getting married during the biggest @GoBearcatsFB game you have to keep alum @mccartk2 and the people updated."

He then added: "Congratulations to Kevin and Jessica McCarthy and all the Bearcats out there on a huge weekend."

The clip has been viewed more than 50,600 times and garnered many comments.

One was from the bride herself, who didn't appear to be at all annoyed at the inclusion of sports to her romantic moment.

She wrote: "Thank you so much! @mccartk2 and I couldn't have asked for a better day or officiant! Let's go CATS!!!"

The couple's wedding celebrations were no doubt bolstered by the fact that the Bearcats went on to win the crucial game.

A woman recently went viral on Reddit for sharing her story about how her brother's fiancée had disinvited her to the wedding, yet still wanted to borrow her dress for the big day.

The reason she was taken off the guest list was because the bride-to-be's parent's did not want to invite her wife.

She also admitted that the bride-to-be's family "always comment on me and my wife and act as if we were less than."

The post prompted many online to comment their outrage at the situation.

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A stock photo of a bride and a groom. At a wedding the officiant snuck in the football score during his address much to the guests' amusement. Getty Images