Brooklyn Center Mayor Imposes Curfew Amid Unrest Over Police Shooting

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott has imposed a curfew on the Minnesota city until 6 a.m. on Monday, following protests and unrest over the police shooting of a Black man during a traffic stop.

Posting on social media, Elliott said the curfew would be in place until the early hours of this morning to "make sure everyone is safe," as pictures and footage of protesters clashing with police circulated online.

Several pictures from Brooklyn Center show protesters jumping on police cruisers near the scene of the police shooting and later being dispersed outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

"We are continuing to monitor the situation. As Mayor, I am imposing a curfew in the City Of Brooklyn Center," the mayor tweeted on Monday morning. "The curfew will be in place until 6am on Monday April 12, 2021. We want to make sure everyone is safe. Please be safe and please go home."

Protesters stand on police cars Brooklyn Center
People stand on a police cruiser as protesters take to the streets after Brooklyn Center police reportedly shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021 in Minnesota. Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

He also shared a copy of his emergency proclamation imposing the curfew. The curfew will not apply to people traveling to work, those using emergency services, the news media, the homeless or people fleeing danger.

Those found breaching the curfew will be hit with a petty misdemeanor charge and face a $50 fine, according to the proclamation.

Releasing a statement shortly after the curfew was announced, Mayor Elliott said: "Our entire community is filled with grief following today's officer-involved shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old young man. Our hearts are with his family, and with all those in our community impacted by this tragedy.

"While we await additional information from the [Bureau of Criminal Apprehension], who is leading the investigation, we continue to ask that members of our community gathering do so peacefully, amid our calls for transparency and accountability."

The local leader also offered condolences to the family of Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Black man reportedly shot by a police officer during a traffic stop on Sunday afternoon.

In a statement to Newsweek, the mayor said he had been in contact with Gov. Tim Walz, the local chief of police and the state public safety commissioner about the protests in the city. "What we know at this time is the deceased is 20-year-old Daunte Wright," he added.

The Brooklyn Center Police Department did not identify the suspect shot during its traffic stop in a press release on Sunday. The local medical examiner's office has also yet to identify the fatally-shot driver.

In its statement, the Brooklyn Center Police Department said local officers stopped the driver over a traffic violation, and found they had an outstanding warrant against them. Police claim the driver then tried to re-enter their car when officers tried to arrest them, leading to the fatal shooting.

The vehicle then travelled several blocks and struck another vehicle, the police report said. A female passenger in the car suffered non-life threatening injuries and nobody in the second car was hurt.