Bulldog's Friendship With a Fish is Melting Hearts Online

A video of a bulldog's friendship with a fish has gone viral on TikTok, with many gushing over the heartwarming tale.

In footage posted to the app by an account called OneFaceFrank on May 7, a dog named Frank can be seen staring into a pond.

Text overlaying the video reads: "I have been bringing Frank to this little pond every few days..."

We are then shown a montage of the dog looking into the water, as the text explains: "(All these clips are from different days) He likes to sit on the edge and stare into the empty water...

"Sometimes for 30 minutes or more just looking. And finally today..."

The camera then cuts to a clip of a large fish swimming through the water towards the dog, and the pair appear to be staring at one another.

The text states: "He's just been looking for his best friend."

OneFaceFrank captioned the sweet moment, which can be watched here, writing: "It finally happened (watch till the end!!) #worththewait #natureismagic #bulldoglife #cutebulldog #fyp #foryou #MakeMomEpic #parati."

The cute video has been watched a whopping 8.1 million times and surpassed 2.3 million likes.

More than 14,100 people have rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the beautiful story.

One TikTok user, Pusanijayy, wrote: "Plot twist: they were soulmates in the past and promised to meet again in the future but the dog didn't reincarnate as a fish."

Another person, Lookin Like Chicken Nugget, agreed by writing: "What if that was his best friend from a past life. And that was their spot that they always hung out at, until death separated them."

Random Videos theorized: "What if it's been there all along but that day the water was clear so you could see it."

Mikail Kapadia gushed: "It's beautiful, perfect, majestic, surreal, I've stared at this for hours now."

Sun Is The Name typed: "And at last Frank found his true friend. No matter how long it took, he waited and stared until another noticed."

Flouncey Bounce stated: "You are a wonderful storyteller. I'm in love with this dog and his fish. I'm sitting here crying over their friendship."

User634066 commented: "There is so much about the natural world that we don't comprehend. This is magic. It's the little things..."

Another video that recently went viral on TikTok shows the heartwarming friendship between a pit bull terrier and a fawn.

In the clip, posted to the app by Brennalina, we can see the two animals playing together on a front lawn.

The footage which has been watched more than 4 million times, is captioned: "Momma deer and her canine companion #wildlife #dog #pitbull #4u."

Newsweek has contacted OneFaceFrank for comment.

An American Bulldog
A stock image of an American Bulldog. In a TikTok video a similar-looking dog waits patiently for his fish friend. Getty Images