Pit Bull and Deer Strike Up Unlikely Friendship in Heartwarming Video

If you are in need of cheering up today, look no further than this heartwarming footage of a deer and a dog's unlikely friendship.

The footage, which was posted to TikTok on June 21 by Brennalina, captures her dog and a deer playing together on the front lawn.

The pit bull terrier, whose name is Zola, is running back and forwards around the wild animal, enticing her to play.

Overlaid text on the video reads: "My parent's dog met the female deer that has lived on this property for years.

"At first we thought the deer was pissed and guarding her hidden babies."

The video then shows the two animals walking around together, clearly content in each other's company.

The text continues: "But now she comes up to the porch every night and waits for Zola to come outside and play. They play for a while and walk around the yard together!"

The footage cuts to the dog looking longingly into the long grass now the doe is gone, with writing explaining: "And then Zola gets super sad when her friend leaves."

Brennalina captioned the adorable clip, writing: "Momma deer and her canine companion #wildlife #dog #pitbull #4u."


Momma deer and her canine companion #wildlife #dog #pitbull #4u

♬ Outdoors - Colin Tierney

The footage has since gone viral, having been viewed by more than 3.1 million people, and received over 587,700 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the heart-warming video.

One TikTok user, Savanah Watts, wrote: "Please show us more if you ever have the chance to catch it again this made me smile."

Another person, Rhos, added: "I'm crying at the thought of Zola protecting the deer forever. I made my own Disney movie in my head."

It's Kits typed: "Deer and country pets are something else. There was always a black cat that seemed to be friends with a deer near my parents place. I didn't see them a ton but every time I did see them they were together."

Lukas Smith stated: "The deer isn't aggressive at all. This is pure happiness and friends playing having their best life. If we didn't have any worries but food we could live better."

LifewithLucyfer commented: "Wouldn't the world be a perfect place if all humans were like your dog and deer??"

Boozman67 gushed: "Two beautiful souls just enjoying life. It's easy to find love when you have no hate to give."

To this, Brennalina responded: "Absolutely, we could learn a thing or two from them."

Newsweek has contacted Brennalina for comment.

A doe in the wild
A stock image of a doe in the wild. In the TikTok video a female deer and a dog have struck up an unlikely friendship. Getty Images

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