'Candyman' Viewers Are All Saying the Same Thing About the Opening Credits

Candyman is the direct sequel to the first film of the same name, which originally came out in 1992. The opening credits became famous for the bird's eye view of the city of Chicago, where the movie was set.

In the new version, this is also reflected but with some obvious differences, almost to the point where fans may have thought there was something wrong with the film.

Mirrors and reflection are key to Candyman in general, as the urban legend calls on people to say his name five times into the mirror to make him appear.

The opening credits, however, bring this even more to the fore.

Why Are The Opening Credits In Candyman Backwards?

The opening scenes of Candyman could easily lead someone to believe the projectionist has made a mistake with the film.

As it opens, the roaring lion of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios does not look quite right, and neither does the recognizable title card for Monkeypaw Productions.

This then continues with Chicago appearing, but not as fans would know it as the shots are backwards, showing a mirrored Chicago rather than the real world.

A fair few movie-goers were at first confused, thinking there was perhaps a mistake.

Shout out to the guy near me at Candyman who muttered "oh great they're playing it backwards" when the mirrored production indents came up.

— Peter Cox (@losthiwayhotel) August 28, 2021

Final thoughts on Candyman - I knew we were in for a “TwISteD” time when the studio logos were displayed backwards at the start.

— Mortician - World Domination (@vessel_deserted) August 30, 2021

Also, all the production companies for #Candyman were backwards (reflection) and I was so fucking confused at first.

— Nod Or Shake Reviews (@NOS_Reviews) August 27, 2021

However, some fans seemed to work out a possible reason why this could have been fairly early in the movie's showing.

That reason comes down to a well-used emblem throughout the movie: mirrors.

Ay, one thing I will give #Candyman credit for is the opening titles.

“WHY IS EVERYTHING BACKWARDS?”@costellyev: Pip…it’s a mirror…

— pip (@itspipbtw) August 28, 2021

Not a spoiler I think but if you see candyman, the logos at the beginning are backwards on purpose bc mirrors are a motif in the movie. Don’t walk out of the theater to complain there’s an issue with the projector. That is all

— Kav (@kav_jpg) August 30, 2021

In Candyman, the legend is invoked when a person says his name into the mirror five times, after which he comes and that person meets their demise.

Throughout the movie, the main character Anthony (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) finds a new identity as the film takes place, as he discovers more about his origins while investigating the Candyman legend.

He even has a scene where he looks in the mirror and does not recognize the person staring back at him, and they perform choreographed movement to show their symbiosis.

How The Opening Credits Like To The 1992 Candyman

As well as this, there is another type of mirroring going on as the scenes of Chicago hark back to the original Candyman opening credits.

In those credits, a bird's eye view of Chicago is shown, with crossroads, highways and the housing project at Cabrini-Green a part of the sequence.

According to Nia DaCosta, the director of the movie, an early draft of the script mirrored this even more closely, with images of Cabrini-Green also opening the movie after the credits rolled.

However, the final decision was to make Cabrini-Green more of a character in the film, so Anthony visits it intentionally later on.

She said: "In the 1992 film, the characters were already talking about the new buildings that were being built, and the way that the projects were built with the mirrors between units, and how crime was able to happen because of those things.

"So, we talked a lot about all those things... It was an amazing privilege to shoot at Cabrini-Green. Being able to shoot in the actual row homes was really exciting. It gives everyone the sense that we're not only being true to the space and the people who live here still, but also continuing the legacy the way it should be continued."

Candyman is in movie theaters now

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