Woman Stunned as Neighbor Pulls 'Uno Reverse' Card in Car Parking Spot Saga

A woman raging that her neighbor was taking her paid-for parking spot was shocked to learn the truth about who really owned the space.

Shirley Liu, from Sydney, Australia, shared a clip to her TikTok page, @shirl3yliu, as she vented her frustrations at coming home to find the same car taking her spot again.

"I'm so pissed, I have so much to do today I do not have time for this," the on-screen text says.

In the voice-over Liu says: "So this has happened way too many times, but these people randomly decide to park in my parking spot because it's right near the entrance.

File photo of parking lot.
File photo of parking lot. A woman was raging that her neighbor kept taking her paid-for parking spot. Getty Images/vinhdav

"And I clearly have these signs up saying do not f****** park here, and they don't listen. So I've decided to park this f**** in. So yeah, call me."

She then pans the camera to show her car directly behind the one in her space, blocking it in.

The clip, shared on Saturday, then switches to show a conversation with the owner of the rogue car, as the on-screen text says: "The audacity lol."

The owner starts by asking, "Hello, why you block our car?," to which Liu points out: "Hi I'm not sure why you parked in my spot considering the sign clearly says not to. I'm currently at work I will try and come back as soon as I can."

But the other driver responds, claiming they're the owner. Liu presses further, informing them she's renting the space.

Confused, the other driver asks: "I didn't rent to you. Who rent this car spot to you?"

Liu claims she was subletting from someone, to which the owner reveals: "He own me rent and he ran away. [sic]"

After the mix-up was exposed, numerous people were in disbelief over the outcome in the clip which racked up more than 3 million views.

Inspired wrote, "I didn't see that plot twist coming," while @emborts commented, "Wait did he reverse Uno you lol. We need an update."

Adrian Wood pointed out, "Always 2 sides to a story... very unlucky!" and Genmiranda15 asked, "So what you going to do re plot twist?"

The Don added: "So you rented a parking spot from someone renting a spot ? Is subletting allowed?"

Liu shared a follow-up where she clarified a few points, confirming she was sub-letting the space from someone else in the building.

In comments, she explained: "I think the tenant I was leasing the spot from just fled the country and broke his lease without any heads up...

"I messaged the guy who I was renting from and got absolutely no response."

In the fiasco she claimed she ended up losing two months of parking rent and bond money, but confirmed she'd found another spot to rent now, which she hoped would be hassle-free.

Newsweek reached out to Liu for comment.