Internet Baffled by Neighbor's Insane Sideways Parking: '37 Point Turn'

A neighbor's insane parking skills have been lauded online after they left their car sideways in a garage.

Any driver will know you come across incompetent and inconsiderate driving on nearly a daily basis, but it seems one person goes to extreme lengths to park on their own property.

Lina shared a clip to TikTok page, @linagarbuzov, as she filmed her neighbor getting into their car and driving away—after carefully engineering it out of their garage.

They parked their car—thought to be a BMW—side-on, meaning they have to delicately maneuver it out the spot.

"My neighbor every day," Lina captioned the video, shared in December 2021, which they also reposted a week later, with the clip amassing 1.7 million views. It can be seen here.

Commenting on the clip, ThePickyPlantEater joked: "She has an hour long commute just to get out of her garage."

MissErin wrote: "Their parallel parking skills are top notch. We should all take note."

AshleyWildmaam raved: "Parallel parking in [their] own garage is a flex and they are showing dominance to their neighbors."

DCfirsttimer2021 reckoned: "Hubby wants a man cave but wife still wants a garage? So he gets the front half and she gets the back."

"Ah yes, the classic 37 point turn," Club Beagle said.

Referencing a popular scene in a movie, Lizrs quipped: "Austin Powers fan."

And theorizing why they might park like that, Jessica Stokes said: "Missed car payments, afraid of the repo man!!"

Timothy Dawson added: "I wonder if I know that's not how they meant to park in the garage."

The parking job was also shared to Reddit as it went viral, with Maggie805 posting the clip to the Idiots In Cars thread on Monday, where it was upvoted more than 41,000 times.

"Everyone has that one special neighbor...," they captioned it.


Reply to @laura.n.caudillo Part 2 of my neighbor #weirdneighbors

♬ original sound - thenateeffectheee

But people also had numerous questions about how the driver gets their car into the space, and Lina obliged with another video.

Shared on Monday, she captioned it "part 2 of my neighbor," which shows them reversing into the space—with a few forwards and backwards motions.

The bonkers job may not be that surprising to driving instructors who get to witness all the various ways novices attempt to park their car.

And, as was made clear by numerous people who shared the hilarious ways that they had messed up their driving test in a recent TikTok video, parallel parking was definitely an issue.

Newsweek reached out to Lina for comment.

File photo of parked car.
File photo of parked car. One person's insane sideways parking skills have been admired and questioned online. Getty Images/EVA-Stud

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