Woman's Ordeal Trying to Parallel Park Goes Viral After Bystander Steps in to Help

A woman's attempts to parallel park have gone viral after a video of her driving skills racked up more than eight million views.

Navigating into tight spaces is an art form, and can be tricky depending on what car you drive, the gradient of the road and the angle you're trying to manoeuvre from.

A neighbour captured a woman on his street spending a few minutes battling to fit her blue car into a space, with a member of the public even coming to her aid.

TikToker richilbeata shared a video to their page documenting the woman's hilarious saga, with the sped-up clip showing the woman accelerating and reversing numerous times as she approaches the space from various positions.

Despite her best efforts she either ends up on the sidewalk or miles away from the kerb, as she leans out of the window trying to orientate herself.

In a last ditch attempt to figure out how to navigate into the sparking spot, the driver gets out and counts the steps in between the two parked cars.

Her efforts appear to attract attention as a dog walker promptly picks up their pet as they walk past, before finally a Good Samaritan comes to help her out.

The bystander shouts directions from the sidewalk, advising her on how to manoeuvre her car - but is forced to put her hands on the boot as the driver nearly backs into the vehicle behind.

Finally the woman parks her car, and the pair hug as she presumably thanks the member of the public who helped her.


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But in a bizarre twist, the second woman then gets into the car behind and drives off.

The shocking ending has baffled the internet, with Richil captioning the clip: "I'm so lost LMAO. Why she did her like that."

The hilarious clip attracted numerous comments, as Taelee said: "The fact that she got out the car and counted her steps."

User965717259621 wrote: "I think the other lady waited for her to park to teach her how to parallel park, because no everyone is going to be this nice and help, also why."

While Primo pointed out: "Risked letting her car get hit to help her relearn parallel park."

And Crystalll thought: "This was a whole movie! The struggle, overcoming, finale hug."

The clip was later shared to Twitter by Stepmother of Dragons, who wrote: "The way I screamed after watching the end of this video! Btw, I'm not laughing at homegirl trying to parallel park, I'm laughing at the woman who helped her at the end."

Car lot
Stock image of cars in a parking lot. A woman's attempt to parallel park has gone viral. Getty Images/AvigatorPhotographer

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