Cat Staring at Clock About to Mark Dinner Time Stuns Internet: 'So Smart'

A TikTok post showing a cat seemingly waiting for dinnertime has gone viral on the social media platform.

Submitted under the username klizgross, the video was uploaded with the title: "But like, does this mean she can tell time?" It was accompanied by an onscreen caption that read: "My cat knows she gets fed at seven."

Since being uploaded on March 29, 2022, the TikTok post has been viewed 2.1 million times, accumulating over 207,000 likes and 874 comments.

The short clip shows a white cat waiting on top of a counter and looking straight at a wall clock that indicates 7 p.m.

In the comment section, the OP (original poster) shared that their cat has an automatic feeder, which may explain how she could have memorized her dinnertime.

Other TikTok users rushed to the comment section to discuss the cat's potential time-telling abilities.

"The fact that your cat knows it's a clock and tells us what time of day it is hurts my brain," wrote one commenter.

"Cat reads time better than half of America," joked another user.

"So smart," another TikToker commented.

Fellow cat owners also took the viral post as an opportunity to share how their own felines behave.

"I work from home and my cats think every time I walk out of my office it's time for them to eat," shared one user.

"At 6:50 mine start to [whine], as if a teaser alarm and dear lord if I don't get up to feed her at 7 it all starts," wrote another.

According to International Cat Care (iCatCare), members of the veterinary community and the iCatCare Feline Wellbeing Panel suggested that feeding a cat frequent small meals may be more beneficial for its physical and mental wellbeing, as opposed to just once a day.

As part of its considerations, iCatCare pointed to several scientific studies that showed that a cat provided with free access to food chose to ingest several small meals per day, predominantly at night. The charity also alluded to research that showed that feeding your feline companion several times a day can encourage them to drink more water, making them less prone to urinary disease.

Curious cat behavior often dominates the internet. Previously, Newsweek wrote a story about a "supernanny" cat capable of putting babies to sleep in less than a minute. On a different occasion, Newsweek reported on how a cat opened a door after a woman found herself locked out.

Newsweek reached out to klizgross for comment.

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Cat sitting on dining chair
A file photo of a cat sitting on a dining chair by a feeding bowl on the table. A TikTok video recently went viral after one owner shared how their cat is able to tell when it's time to have dinner. Getty Images