Cat's Costly Antics in Owner's Kitchen Go Viral: 'Worst Nightmare'

A Maine Coon cat has left the internet in stitches after opting to use the hot water despite repeatedly being told not to by its owner.

A video shared on TikTok by the cat's owner, under the username makoandfriendsmommy, shows the cat opening the hot water tap with its paw while looking at his owner, who keeps yelling at him.

The clip, which was first shared on the platform on Monday, and has since then been viewed over 74,200 times and liked 7,683 times, comes with a caption that says: "Caught red-handed turning the hot water tap on."

A study carried out by Japanese scientists in 2013, shows that cats actually do hear us and recognize their owner's voice, they just choose not to listen to it.

The scientists performed experiments on 20 house cats, playing recordings of their owners calling them, as well as recordings of three strangers calling them using the same words, to see what difference it makes to them.

To quantify the cats' reactions, they recorded how often they moved their head, tail, paws or ears, or whether they meowed or dilated their pupils. While the cats showed a significantly greater response to their owners calling their names than to strangers doing so, they did not bother to get up in either instance, simply choosing to ignore both sets.

Most of the users found the cat hilarious, but his owner has had to take extreme measures to contain their next water bill: "The box on the floor is what we use to cover the taps when we go out."

One user, Sarah Cooper commented: "Worst nightmare for the upcoming bills." And Kath added: "Acting like he's paying the bills."

Another user, Paul, pointed out: "They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. cat just wants to watch the world burn." And Kirsty said: "I understand all parts of No human, I just choose to turn it into yes. enjoy the bills"

Esmea wrote: "this is how my dog flooded the house while I was out. ps remove the bowl when you go out."

Inte11ipost said: "he's doing the washing up." And Tyles Grant added: "he's just trying to help you do the dishes."

Another user, Emma, wrote: "it's always the hot 1 right my cats [are] the same! I've hand to put a band around the taps so he can't use it." And Robert Leat said: "The cat's gonna have to start contributing to the bills if they wanna turn that rap on."

Newsweek reached out to makoandfriendsmommy for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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maine coon in the sink
A stock image shows a Maine Coon cat drinking from the sink. A Maine Coon cat left the internet in stitches after refusing to close the hot water in the sink. Getty Images