Video of Cat Couple With Serious 'Relationship Goals' Delights Internet

A pair of loved-up cats who appear to have a perfect relationship are making people across the internet question why they can't find the same thing.

Feline duo Marmite and Toast have been making a name for themselves on TikTok with some 186,000 followers tuning in to watch a series of increasingly adorable videos featuring the super-sweet twosome.

However, no one was quite prepared for just how cute one of their most recent clips was going to be. In fact, it proved so powerful that some have been left questioning everything they thought they knew about life, love and the human condition.

Or something like that anyway. The video can be watched here.

Captioned: "When your cats have the best relationship you've ever seen" the video is a journey through the day-to-day lives of Marmite and Toast, who appear so intertwined, they may as well collectively change their name to "Moast."

The footage begins with Toast draped all over Marmite, like an overly protective high school boyfriend, giving his ears a good clean before cutting to the happy pair enjoying a snuggle, stretched out alongside each other near a sofa.

It then switches to a cardboard box, with their owner lifting the lid to reveal a blissful Marmite and Toast cosied up together inside. Next we see the loved-up duo lying out on a rug with Toast once again licking away at Marmite's face, evidently only too happy to be doted on in this way.

Viewers are then shown Marmite close up returning the favor with a few vigorous licks to Toast's head. From there the video then cuts to the pair of them wedged in the tiny space behind their owner's bed, happy in each other's company.

Finally, the two cats are seen cuddled up on the floor and then relaxing on top of each other on a cat tree inside their home. Set to the soundtrack of a remixed version of Minneapolis jazz funk outfit Mint Condition's 1991 hit "Breakin' My Heart," the video has proven heartwarming and heartbreaking in almost equal measure for pet lovers.

Thatcatbobbie came up with the pun-tastic comment: "A purrfect love," while chelstharunna claimed the cats were "lovers in a past life."

"Soooo cuteeee," miajay888 wrote with adding: "they're so in love" and branding it "relationship goals."

Unfortunately, for others, bearing witness to these levels of affection hit a little too close to home. "Why are two cats in a happy relationship and not me?" Thania Aktar asked. "I want what they have," a forlorn slucwuo chimed in with.

Brutalight, meanwhile, lamented aloud: "Bro a cat is getting more action than me" while Trisha Miyamizu rather alarmingly claimed the video left them "screaming, crying, throwing up." Another user, writing as kennys cat, meanwhile asked out of confused desperation: "Can we be cats?"

Though the clip was clearly a sore point for some, it did prove useful to a select few in need of advice on how best to integrate two different cats. Responding to a fellow cat owner, Marmite and Toast's owner Wiktoria said: "I'd recommend feeding them together, letting them play together, this really helped build a strong relationship between ours."

"They are also boys," she added. "So that could play a factor I'm sure."

Newsweek has contacted the cats' owner for comment.

According to International Pet Care the process of integrating two cats with one another begins with "scent" swapping.

How to Integrate Two Cats

"Begin scent swapping by taking one piece of each cat's bedding (eg, a single blanket) and placing it in one of the other cat's beds," it said. "There should be ample bedding for both cats so that this change in bedding does not leave either cat with limited sleeping/resting sites."

"It is hoped that each cat will rest upon the bedding of the other cat, thereby mixing their two scents to create a communal scent," it explained.

It's important to observe both cats' reactions to the switch. Any negative behavior, like avoiding the scented item or hissing at it, could indicate that the feline involved is "less likely to accept a new cat into its home" and the process could take longer.

Once they show relaxed behavior, however, the bedding can be swapped back to "allow further mingling of the scent."

Two cats cuddling up.
A file photo of two cats cuddling up - a video of two cats "with the best relationship" has gone viral. Andrew_Deer/Getty