'And the Oscar Goes to': Cat Fakes Injury to Enter Home in Adorable Video

A video of an orange tabby cat faking an injury to gain entry into someone's home has gone viral and left the internet in stitches.

The video was posted in Reddit's "Cats" forum on Monday by u/almond0373 in a post titled, "Fake Injury = House Entry." The post has amassed more than 45,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments from Redditors who joked that the cat, named Susan, was smarter than the average orange feline.

In the video, Susan stands on a porch—presumably, u/almond0373's—with her right paw slightly raised. From behind the closed sliding glass door separating the two, u/almond0373 asks: "Something wrong with your paw, Susan?"

A moment later, Susan hops closer to the door on her three "uninjured" paws.

Orange cat
A video of a cat faking an injury to gain entry into someone’s home has gone viral and left the internet in stitches. Many commenter said the cat was smarter than the average cat. vvvita/istock

"Oh," says u/almond0373 as she begins to laugh. "Something wrong with your paw? Oh, it's very sore, isn't it?"

Of course, Susan's paw wasn't "sore" at all. As soon as u/almond0373 opens the glass door to let Susan in the house, Susan places her right paw down and quickly runs inside.

"It's a miracle," said u/almond0373, laughing.

Many agreed that Susan was very smart. However, the video sparked a discussion about coat color. Those touting the popular myth that orange cats are "dumber" than their feline counterparts joked that Susan was smarter than the average orange cat. Others, meanwhile, argued that orange cats aren't dumb at all.

"What a smart kitty. They definitely got their turn with the orange brain cell," wrote u/edge-of-cedars-girl.

"Brain cell working on overdrive to pull this off," joked u/silence_infidel in response.

"Dang this ginger must have 2 brain cells and not just the normal 1," said u/dkmrcc.

Of course, several users claimed that their orange cats are "very intelligent." Redditor u/iAmTheElite even went so far as to call tuxedo cats "the true dumdums."

Speaking to CNET, Zarah Hedge, chief medical officer at the San Diego Humane Society, explained that coat color actually has very little to do with a cat's personality or overall intelligence.

"While there could be some genetic components associated with coat color that also impact personality, there is little scientific evidence demonstrating this to be the case in domestic cats," Hedge said.

On the topic of orange cats specifically, Hedge added: "I've definitely seen and worked with hundreds of orange tabby cats and seen a wide variety of personality types...a cat's upbringing and socialization to humans, other animals and different environments plays a larger role [than fur color] in their overall personality."

Orange tabby or not, many commenters applauded Susan's Oscar-worthy performance.

"The way she gestures at the door with the 'injured' paw is so adorable and funny," said u/Squiliam-Tortaleni.

"And the Oscar goes to...," wrote u/HarryCallahan19.

"That Susan, she's a real pawformer!" exclaimed u/Racing_in_the_street.

Redditor u/misscrankypants added: "That is hysterical!"

Newsweek reached out to u/almond0373 for comment.

Funnily enough, Susan isn't the first animal to feign an injury. In September, a ginger cat named Edward went viral on TikTok after his owner filmed him faking a limp for attention. In March, the internet was left in hysterics over a dog named Hairy who "magically" recovered from a limp at the mention of a walk.

And in more general pet-related news, a cat named Melo went viral last week for his hilarious death-stare.