Confused Cat Fights With Herself in Mirror in Hilarious Video

Anyone who owns a cat will attest to the fact they can make for quite peculiar housemates.

Whether they are settling into your shopping bags, or gazing out the window like a forlorn philosopher—those hilarious felines are always up to something.

However, when one TikTok user recently returned home, they found their Russian Blue cat embroiled in a fight.

No, not with the neighborhood stray or a vagrant raccoon, but instead against her own reflection.

In the footage, which was posted by classic_cats on April 26, the feline can be seen leaping up at her own reflection in the hallway mirror with her paws outstretched.

When she is knocked back, she then lies on the floor staring at herself in the glass, before jumping up and launching herself at the mirror once more.

Text overlaying the hilarious footage reads: "Just came back home from work and saw my cat fighting against herself."

The video has gained lots of popularity online, having been viewed over 12,300 times and liked more than 2,308 times.


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Many took to the comments section to share their delight at the clip.

One TikTok user, Anne Skewes, wrote: "That's the funniest."

Another person, icegardien_, added: "Too much catnip."

While third, Kuly2fraise, commented: "They don't like mirrors," along with a laughing face emoji.

If funny videos of cats are what makes you smile today, you may also enjoy this viral video of a cat who appears to be exercising.

In footage posted to Twitter, a white fluffy feline can be seen lying on a street sidewalk on their back and raising their head forwards and backwards in a motion that mimics abdominal crunches.

The humorous clip was posted by @AnimalsWorld alongside the caption: "Working on that summer body," and was accompanied by two laughing face emojis.

Additionally, another viral video depicts a cat apparently cleaning and tidying its owner's apartment, and that is definitely worth a watch!

In footage posted to the Twitter account @nocatplaces, a tabby—clearly being held by its owner off-camera—can be seen doing housework.

First, the feline appears to scrub a pot with a yellow sponge, before polishing the kitchen counter and faucet.

Next the cat vacuums the plush grey carpet and tidies away toys into a wicker basket.

The clip has been viewed more than 54,100 times since it was posted on May 4.

One person, @papacathy7, commented: "maybe if I show this to my parents, they'll change their mind about letting me have a cat."

Cat sat on sofa
A stock image of a cat on a couch. In the TikTok video a feline fights her own reflection. Getty Images