Feline's 'First Experience With Catnip' Caught on Camera in Hilarious Video

A video purporting to show a cat's hilarious reaction to trying catnip for the first time has been shared to social media - and people are finding it very relatable.

Footage of Goblin the feline appearing unsteady on his paws, sitting in a cat basket next to the toilet in his owner's bathroom was shared to TikTok, where it quickly gained traction.

At the time of writing, it had already been viewed over 10 million times.

It's an all-too-familiar scenario, with the cat shown leaning over dangerously before toppling to the side and resting his head on the toilet seat, staring off into the distance the whole time.

Check out the video here.


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The hilarious clip was posted online by renowned New York drag queen Siren Starlite who wrote alongside the video: "Goblin's first experience with catnip lol." Her cat's inebriated state should not come as a huge surprise, given the effects of catnip on felines.

In 2021, researchers from Iwate University in Japan concluded that the key intoxicating chemical in catnip, nepetalactol, effectively activates a cat's opioid system in the way heroin or morphine does for humans. Nepetalactol was also found to elevate a so-called "happiness hormone" in cats when they were exposed to it.

Little wonder then that Goblin appeared nearly euphoric in the viral footage, which has delighted both pet fans and party goers alike online. "We've all been there," tawnjun23 wrote, with sapphirelove comparing the cat's unsteady legs to her "in the bar bathroom when that last shot hits."

Marshmallowsmama commented: "He's 'holding on the grass to keep from falling off the earth' level high" while jeffpicklesimer7 said: "That's 2 a.m. at the bar when you just absolutely have to go but can't quite stand up straight."

Manon Ward joked that it looked like Goblin had "just hopped to the 11th dimension" with bcomingundone producing the pun-tastic response of "catatonic."

The_taroting_tit said the video brought memories flooding back, recalling times they have tried to "encourage and rally" themselves to have "another round of drinks" on a night out.

Others like sugarrimsalty were more than familiar with the sight of a sprawled out cat under the influence of the plant, recalling: "I planted catnip for my cats. I had 3 strays show up in a single week chillin' in the garden."

For Loyal_Lemons, meanwhile, the video was a reminder that "you never really know how lit you are til you go to the bathroom."

Newsweek has contacted Siren Starlite for comment.

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A cat enjoying some catnip.
File photo of a cat enjoying some catnip - a feline's hilarious first experience of catnip has been captured on camera. Oleg_0/Getty