Cat's Grumpy Reaction to Owner Dancing Amuses Internet: 'Not Having It'

A grumpy cat's reaction to its owner dancing to an old tune in front of the TV has gone viral, leaving the internet in stitches.

In a video shared by the cat's owner, who goes by the username lineonpaper on TikTok, the maine coon cat can be seen looking mad, and moving its ears towards the back of its head as the woman danced, a sign that he was definitely not pleased by the show she put on.

The woman was simply dancing to a tune by Toto from the late 1970s, when her cat decided she was having too much fun for its liking, land began looking like it was plotting an evil revenge.

The post, which has so far reached 54,800 likes, 1308 comments and 3627 reshares since Monday, features the short clip and a caption that says: "My cat is a joy."

According to Maine Coon Central, maine coon cats are widely known for their "playful nature," and while other cats grow calmer with age, maine coons keep their "kitty-like playfulness" their entire life.

Although this doesn't seem to be the case with the cat in the video.

The average lifespan of a maine coon ranges between 12 and 15 years. They are also the largest domesticated cat breed, while female maine coons weigh between 8 and 12 pounds on average, the males of the species weight of between 15 and 25 pounds.

They also have unusually long tails, in fact while the average cat's tail measures around 12 inches long, maine coon tails are usually around 16 inches in length.

Most users found the cat's reaction hilarious. One user, Sissi said: "I never laughed so hard stay safe please sending you prayers." Stephanie Margeth added: "I never switched emotions so fast."

Another user, Blairmaline, commented: "I don't know what I expected but it wasn't that." And user6078976270990 said: "I was expecting a grumpy cat but not this grumpy." Char wrote: "That cat is barely tolerating you."

"Haha, not amused" added stuppulsugarmoen.

Beverly Dillon joked: "Now my human mommy is dancing but I not impressed." Nick Price said: "He's like oh for god sake not this again."

"Cat's not having it today..." said pinkpotatoe04. Kat added: "He loves it - he just won't admit it."

Another user shared their experience with their grumpy pet. Darlene Perez said: "My dog hates dancing and a friend of mine got up to dance and he put an end to her fun real quick."

January_Jewel warned the cat owner: "I just wouldn't dance close to him... that's all." Joolz said: "When a cat sit there plotting like that, that's when I pack and slip away in the dark of nite with no forwarding address."

And Aneesah added: "He does not want happiness for you."

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Grumpy maine coon
A stock image shows a grumpy main coon. A cat's reaction to its owner's dancing went viral leaving the internet in stitches: "Cat’s not having it today." Getty Images