GPS Tracker Reveals Cat Roamed 16 Miles Around the City in One Weekend

An adventurous cat has impressed internet users after traveling 26 km around Montreal in just forty-eight hours.

Canada-based TikTok user Florence has racked up 35,000 followers and 1.5 million likes sharing videos of her cats, Mulan, Theo and Bernard, and often posts videos of Bernard's movements through his GPS tracker.

One video which received nearly 800,000 views and over 20,000 likes showed Bernard's lengthy route, recorded through a device attached to his collar, which saw him travel a huge 16 miles.

Cat travels 26km
A TikTok video revealed one adventurous cat's impressive 26km adventure around Montreal in forty eight hours. tinos_the_cat_mom

The social media user shared the clip in April and received nearly 700 comments from users, with one writing: "Your cat took a city tour of Montreal, beautiful city."

Another teased: "When your cat spends 48 hours out of the house they're no longer your pet, you're their landlord!"

"Cat walked more in two days than me in a week," commented a third user.

One user even remembered bumping into the cat, writing: "Lol so your cat came to visit me when I lived next to Jerry Park. I have many pics with him. He is too cute but showed me his attitude too."

Bernard's owner explained in previous videos that her cat is incredibly self-sufficient, and has even managed to find himself a "second home" next to his favorite park where kind locals feed him.

In another video, she explained: "This is actually a really crazy story. We were always next to the park he always goes to, because the GPS said he was there but we couldn't find him. So we activated the sound function on the GPS.

"Someone turned off the GPS! [We thought] Omg someone has stolen our cat? GPS was not precise enough to find the house where he was. They texted us because the phone number is on the GPS saying he was at their place right now if we wanted to go and get him."

According to Cats Protection, one of the best ways to keep your cat safe while wandering outdoors is preventing them from getting lost, by ensuring they wear an identifying collar or simply microchipping your pet.

They advise waiting three to four weeks for cats to adjust to their surroundings before letting them outside for the first time as it gives them time to lay their scent around their home, which helps navigate their way back.

The charity suggested keeping cats inside overnight or during times when road are busy to avoid accidents, perhaps coinciding meal times with rush hour so cats aren't keen to go outside at dangerous periods of the day.