Cat Knocks Dog Off Chair After Dramatic Fight in Hilarious Video

A dog who was harassing a cat got his comeuppance in a hilarious scene that was thankfully caught on camera.

In footage posted to Twitter by American journalist Jeff Yang, a tabby cat can be seen sitting on a wooden dining table opposite a Shiba Inu who is attempting to bite the feline.

In behavior typical of its aloof nature, the cat stares off into the distance until the dog, whose name is Aiko, launches himself onto the table.

At this moment, the cat tries to knock the dog back with its paw.

Then, as if in cartoon-like slow motion, the chair that Aiko is on begins to rock backwards.

The pet then looks around in shock before tumbling to the floor, leaving the cat, victorious in battle, looking down in concern.

The nine-second clip is accompanied by the caption: "Not my dog's best moment."

Yang also provided further commentary by replying to his post: "There is this moment where Aiko looks wildly around and has a sudden revelation in her furry brain about the laws of physics that's absolutely classic."

Not my dog’s best moment

— Jeff Yang (@originalspin) July 30, 2021

Since the scene was posted on July 30 it has garnered lots of attention online and, at the time of writing, has been viewed nearly 350,000 times.

The hilarious footage has also been liked by 22,900 people and shared by 3,090 Twitter accounts.

Many people also flooded the comments section with their views on the adorable moment.

Journalist Aisha Sultan commented: "Karma is a cat."

Korean-American writer Euny Hong simply put: "LMAO . Signed, a cat lover."

Dan Nguyen typed: "Cat showed more concern than expected."

Professional drummer Jason Roeder added: "Strong Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique vibes here."

An account by the name of MunchkinMom1 wrote: "This made me giggle uncontrollably. Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

"The kitty was actually pretty tolerant. My little girl wouldn't have been so understanding. Lol."

Whereas Nassetuf gushed: "The face as the dog slowly tipped over. If you could translate that face expression it would be a loudly "OH SH*T"!"

Kirito Blxck stated: "I love how as soon as the dog falls the cat has that look of "dude you ok?!""

Recently, another video went viral online showing a dog leaping up onto a kitchen counter in an attempt to snatch a French fry.

The humorous clip, which is filmed in slow motion, has been viewed 9 million times since it was posted on July 30.

Newsweek have contacted Yang for comment.

Cat and dog
A stock image of a cat and a dog facing each other. On Twitter a clip has gone viral of a tabby knocking a dog of a chair.