Cat With 'Mustache' Charms Internet: 'Freddy Purr-Cury'

Animals that bear a resemblance to human beings have often caught the attention of the internet. A good example of this was when Newsweek covered a story about a cat who looks like Hollywood actor Adam Driver.

More recently, however, one Reddit user shared an image of a cat their brother saw on holiday. The cat has a fur pattern on its face that strongly resembles a mustache.

Under the username u/mart945, the OP (original poster) submitted the post on the r/MildlyInteresting subreddit, captioning it: "My brother found a cat with a mustache while on vacation." Since being uploaded, the image has received over 11,000 upvotes as well as 294 comments (and counting).

Although the OP did not share any additional information, Reddit users rushed to the comments section to share their funny name ideas for the cat based on famous mustachioed celebrities.

Among these were "Charlie Catplin," "Freddy Purr-cury," "Tomcat Selleck" and "Groucho Manx."

Elaborating on the latter, a commenter wrote: "Im a PhD in Film History, and though you joke, Groucho Marx's infamous mustachioed look was inspired by his mom's cat, which had markings not unlike the cat in OP.

"Groucho found it funny and would often imitate the cat, much to his family's delight. These early laughs inspired Groucho to pursue comedy/acting as an adult.

"Another fun fact: This story was well known while Groucho was alive and is also the origin of the word 'Copycat.'

"Now, I guess you can say that the cat is out the bag!"

Another commenter compared the "vacation" cat with Spider-Man character Jonah J. Jameson, who is renowned for his iconic facial hair: "This cat wants pictures of Spider-Man."

A significant number of users equated the cat's resemblance to a certain Austrian-born German dictator.

Other users poked fun at the OP's poorly-worded caption, which made it sound as if it was the cat, not the OP's brother, that was on vacation: "How did he know the cat was on vacation?"

Another user wrote: "Does he shave it off when he's not on vacation?"

One commenter used the opportunity to highlight the importance of good grammar: "It's an excellent example [of] why punctuation and sentence structure is critical."

Interestingly, the internet is not the only place that appears to be interested in cats that look like humans. Towards the end of 2021, Newsweek reported that a jewelry retailer announced a contest with a $1000 cash prize for people that look like their pets.

Newsweek reached out to u/mart945 for comment.

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Cat lying down
An image showing a "mustachioed" cat lying down. A Reddit post has recently gone viral after one user shared a picture of a cat with a "mustache." Getty Images