'That's Adam Driver': Cat Who Looks Like 'Star Wars' Actor Stuns Internet

A distinctive looking Oriental Shorthair cat is courting attention on social media for his unusual resemblance to Hollywood actor Adam Driver.

It's a commonly held belief that we all have a doppelganger out there walking around with facial features eerily similar to our own.

What many may not realize, however, is that the odds of you having a lookalike are actually surprisingly short. In fact, a 2015 study by researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia put the chances at around one in 135.

But while human-to-human doppelgangers appear relatively common, it's somewhat of rarity to find an animal that looks like a human.

However, if the reaction to the photo of Teddy the cat is anything to go by, Adam Driver may have just found his own doppelganger in the most unlikely of places.

Teddy is one of four Oriental Shorthairs cared for by his owners, with much of his day spent playing and relaxing with his siblings Bindi, Dexter and Rikki.

The quartet already boast a sizable social media presence too, with their owner sharing content to Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

But it's Teddy who has been thrown into the spotlight, after a picture of him in an unusual position was shared to Twitter by the account Cats Being Weird Little Guys.

Teddy certainly appeared to be living up to the account's brand in the snap, with the fun-loving feline pictured sitting inside a cupboard alongside a bottle of champagne with his two long front paws dangling aimlessly out the side.

It didn't take long for the image to go viral either, racking up over 6,000 retweets and more than 88,000 likes in the space of a few short days.

Although the image was funny and suitably "weird" in its own right, the main takeaway for many commenting and sharing the tweet was apparently the fact he looked just like the Star Wars actor.

JordanJamboree retweeted the image declaring: "That's Adam Driver," while isabellebia concurred, writing: "o Adam Driver."

Joshthestampede agreed, responding: "This is just Adam Driver," with queevr describing Teddy as an "Adam Driver-mouse-hybrid cat." One user, posting as dalstrus, even offered a side-by-side comparison for maximum effect.

Another, posting as agor4ph0bia, seemed almost confused, asking: "Why is this Adam Driver?"

Alongside the many declarations that this cat was, in fact, Adam Driver, came a few alternative suggestions for lookalikes.

Isrxr_ thought the cat looked like One Direction star "Louis Tomlinson,'' while deejaysoup wrote: "Isn't this Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle?" in reference to the character played by Erik Per Sullivan on the hit show.

Several others, including jompydumby, thought Teddy "looks British" for reasons unknown.

Newsweek has contacted Teddy's owners for comment.

Star Wars actor Adam Driver.
Adam Driver at the 47th edition of the Cesar Film Awards in Paris - a cat bearing a striking resemblance to the "House of Gucci" star has gone viral. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP/Getty