Mark Hamill Weighs in on Luke Skywalker Impersonator After Video Goes Viral

Actor Mark Hamill has weighed in on Twitter after a clip of a Luke Skywalker impersonator was so convincing it went viral.

The video circulating on social media shows cosplayer Fluke Skywalker chatting with a Star Wars fan in American Sign Language (ASL).

Skywalker had a conversation with the young man, named Robert, at the Dayton Off-Road Expo, in Ohio, last week.

The heartwarming video shows Skywalker signing: "Hello! My name is L-U-K-E. What is your name?"

The pair end their encounter with a hug, with a clip shared to Reddit's Star Wars forum by Skywalker on Monday, under his account Imflukeskywalker.

It blew up on the site, amassing more than 90,000 views, while the clip was shared across Twitter by The Boba Fett Fan Club and @WholesomeMemes.

But the latter appears to have confused Skywalker for the real deal, as they captioned the clip—seen more than three million times: "Mr. Hamill being wholesome and making someone's day by knowing sign language @HamillHimself."

Confusion over the uncanny cosplayer continued, as former professional basketball player Rex Chapman also named Hamill as the man in the video.

Chapman tweeted yesterday, alongside the video: "When I grow up I want to be like Mark Hamill...."

The tweet, which can be seen here, amassed more than 50,000 likes, as he added: "It costs nothing to be kind."

And it seems he finally realized his error, as he later tweeted: "Being told this may be @1Flukeskywalker. They both seem pretty great."

Numerous people pointed out the error, as fellow actor Diedrich Bader commented: "I think that's Fluke."

While the voice of Bender from Futurama, John DiMaggio, joked: "@HamillHimself is all class...."

But it seems Hamill had also spied the clip, most likely after being tagged and messaged so many times.

He responded to Chapman's post with an emoji and exclamation marks, While he also took time out to respond to another fan who tagged him.

But he took to his own account to officially set the record straight, as he shared the WholesomeMemes clip, saying: "To be truly wholesome and really make someone's day—I should be honest and admit that's not me—it's a lukealike."

In response to the mix-up, Skywalker shared his own tweet apologizing to the 70-year-old actor.

Skywalker, who reveals Hamill follows him online, wrote: "Hi @HamillHimself. I know your inbox is getting 'full' unnecessarily & that is my fault. I should have noted that it was me and not you in the video.

"My apologies for the oversight and I will endeavor not to repeat the mistake. I hope you will forgive me, as it was unintentional."

Skywalker told Newsweek: "I have never met Mark Hamill. He has known about me since 2019 when he started following me on Twitter. I think it's a good idea because I would do the same thing if I were Mr. Hamill.

"He has a sterling reputation he wants to keep it that way I do my best to follow his example. When I cosplay Luke Skywalker, my first thought is always WWMHD.

"You have to be kind, have a good sense of humor, say yes to most photo requests and keep everything you do wholesome and Rated-H (amill.)"

Before the mix-up, Skywalker had also tweeted about his touching meeting with Robert, saying: "I was privileged to meet Robert today as he is a real Jedi ! I've been practicing sign language for just such an occasion.

"Thank you Robert for letting me take my picture with you. MTFBWY! (Please check out this short video, posted by his Dad. Thank you.)"

And he linked to YouTube video, from the HappiLee FamiLee, in his tweet as well as his now-viral Reddit post, which was captioned: "If you can learn some basic ASL, (American Sign Language) you can really make someone's day, especially a big Star Wars fan."

Skywalker, from Cincinnati, is a volunteer cosplayer for various charitable organizations which help sick children, including The Ronald McDonald House, according to his website.

Fluke Skywalker as the Star Wars character.
Fluke Skywalker as the Star Wars character. Actor Mark Hamill responded online after being mistaken for the cosplayer. Fluke Skywalker

He told Newsweek: "Everything is about encouraging people to donate to charities, especially those that take care of hospitalized children and their families.

"My family and I have been volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati since 2006 and I know the great work they do and I endeavor to support them as much as possible."

Hamill is perhaps best known for his role as the jedi, starring alongside Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in the original Star Wars trilogy, from 1977 to 1983.

Hamill reprised his role for the latest instalments, appearing in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, released in 2015, and Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, in 2017, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which came out in 2019.

Photos of cosplayer Fluke Skywalker.
Photos of cosplayer Fluke Skywalker. A video showing the impersonator went viral online after he shared it to Reddit. Fluke Skywalker

The Star Wars films are among the most popular movies of all time.

The 1977 blockbuster ranked as the second-most profitable movie, grossing $1.605 billion, according to a 2019 Forbes list which adjusts movie box office takings for inflation.

The 2015 flick, The Force Awakens, came in at number 11, making $974.1 million, while in 13th place was The Empire Strikes Back, released in 1980, making $884.6 million.

The sequel, the 1983 Return of the Jedi, was in 17th position with $847.5 million, and Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, which came out in 1999, was in 19th place grossing $813.7 million.

Newsweek reached out to Hamill for comment.

Star Wars movie poster and Mark Hamill.
Star Wars movie poster and Mark Hamill. The actor has weighed in online after a viral video of a cosplayer was mistaken for him. Rich Fury/Getty / IMDB

Update 3/3/22, 11:36 a.m. ET: This article was updated with photos and comment from Skywalker.