Cat Turns to 'Liquid' To Squeeze Into Fish Bowl in Incredible Video

One cat on TikTok has gone viral, with more than 16.7 million views, after it impressively managed to squeeze into a small glass fish bowl, and people online are very impressed.

In footage which was shared to the app by an account called Astupidcat2, we can see a fluffy feline climbing into the glass bowl, head first.

The animal then manages to cram its whole body, including its tail, inside the vessel, before popping up to have a look around.

Astupidcat2 has captioned the funny footage, which can be viewed here, by writing the hashtags: "#kitty #cute #kittycat #kitten #catvideos #cutecat."

The clip has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on October 7, having attracted more than 2.5 million likes and surpassed 55,000 shares.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the cat's humorous actions.

One TikTok user, Covered By Cats, wrote: "This made me feel so stressed. good kitty though."

Another person, Miriam Souhail, added: "I was worried about how he'd breath."

Archer exclaimed: "Cats are liquid."

User3421120139452 typed: "There are four states of matter: Solid, liquid, gas, and cat."

Bing-bing Reyes revealed: "I need a cat and a fish bowl."

Keaton admitted: "If I can't eat the fish, I become one with the fish."

Bpfromabove stated: "No claustrophobia at all."

Jammy remarked that the clip was the "definition of if I fits, I sits"

Keaton commented: "If I can't eat the fish, I become one with the fish."

Jenna admitted: "My cat will also follow an elastic anywhere lol."

Traditionally cats have an aversion to water, so it makes sense that the fish bowl was empty. However, one little kitten recently went viral in a clip showing his love for baths.

In footage shared to Reddit on December 5 by an account called Immaeatyourpizza, we can see the little pet splashing about in a bath tub and chasing his tail—adorable!

The sweet footage is captioned: "We adopted a kitten who's head over heels in love with water."

Immaeatyourpizza explained under their video that their cat became interested in bathing when their husband was showering one day.

"We kept the bathroom door opened at all times (just in case he needs to use a litter box). And then one day he randomly decided to jump inside the bathtub when my husband was taking shower," they wrote.

"Now it's impossible to take a bath/shower without our fluffy boy, he's going full bonkers mode whenever there's a sound of running water."

Cat and fish bowl
A stock image of a cat looking into a fish bowl. On TikTok one cat appeared to turn into liquid when cramming itself into a similar-looking glass vessel. iStock

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