Cat's Obsession With 'Emotional Support' Jars of Cinnamon Melts Hearts

Some pets find comfort in soft and plushy objects, but one cat developed a love for ground cinnamon containers, as shown in a viral video.

Shared to the TikTok account @winston.naughtypaws, the video—which was viewed more than 400,000 times—was filmed in response to a commenter who asked what Winston the cat's reaction would be if Emily, the owner, took away the cinnamon container he is frequently seen with.

Winston held on tight to the container as Emily tried to tug it away a few times before admitting defeat to the feline.

According to PAWS Chicago, there are several items a cat needs in a home, including dishes, litter and toys.

Cat in Cat Tower
Viewers were charmed by a cat and his attachment to a ground cinnamon container. Above, a stock image of a cat lounging in a cat tower. Danai Jetawattana/iStock

"Toys are a great way to bond with your cat and provide him with the mental and physical stimulation," a piece written by PAWS Chicago stated. "There are a variety of toys available; your cat will let you know which ones he enjoys."

Several videos of Winston show his love and appreciation for containers of cinnamon, and one clip dating back to March of 2021 received more than one million views.

Similar to the recently posted clip, Winston is seen curled up and cuddling with a container of ground cinnamon.

Emily told Newsweek in an email that Winston's love for the containers dates back to early 2021.

"We finished a container of cinnamon and were going to bring it out to the recycling, but just left it on the windowsill by mistake," she explained. "Winston liked it and just kept sitting on it and cuddling with it, so we kept it!"

In addition to his cinnamon container, Emily shared that Winston also loves his stuffed cow, stuffed donut toy and a ball that he chases around.

In the comments section, the owner explained that there are now numerous ground cinnamon containers around their living space.

"We all need an emotional support spice!" a viewer exclaimed.

Other TikTok users commented on Winston's reaction when his owner tried to take the container away.

"The sheer panic in his eyes when you grabbed it," one comment read.

Another wrote that there was a look of "existential dread" in his eyes.

"I saw fire in kitty's eyes," a TikToker wrote. "He knew it was coming."

A commenter wrote that their rabbit acted similarly with squashes.

"Couldn't have butternut squash in the house cause he'd check on em and get distressed if they were gone," they commented.

One viewer seemed to relate to Winston's feelings about the cinnamon container.

"I'm like this about turmeric," they wrote.

Emily said she did not expect the video to viral.

"Winston's account started out of pure amusement for myself, really," she said. "I had no followers and didn't expect to get any. I am glad people love Winston though because he really is something else!"

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