People Are Using Their Cats As Photo Backdrops in Bizarre New Viral Trend

Cats are the undisputed kings of the internet, with Caturday often trending and adorable kitten videos melting our hearts.

But it seems owners are finally putting their pets to work, by using them as bizarre backgrounds for product shots.

A twitter user, called out of context cats, started a viral trend online, after using their white feline as the backdrop for a lipstick shoot.

They shared a close-up of the Mac item on a luxe, furry background, alongside a second snap revealing it's actually their pet.

The very casual cat is lounging on a keyboard against a computer, with the lipstick on their tummy.

Their owner can be seen taking the original lipstick photo, with the tweet blowing up on social media amassing more than 800,000 likes.

✅ done

— Татьяна Савицкая (@sova_polyarnaya) April 14, 2021

Fellow cat-lovers from all over the world soon jumped on the trend, posting side-by-side images showing close-ups of various items, alongside a zoomed-out version revealing it balancing on their cat.

Black, tortoise, ginger and grey cats have been used as models, with one tweeter even joking that the felines were now "influencers."

And as well as make-up, animal lovers have been snapping perfume, phones, photographs, jewellery, coins and even dice on their four-legged friends.

Sharing a photo of their game pieces, cat owner Matthew wrote: "I've tried this with my homemade dice before! He's so photogenic, even when he's spacing out."

While Parkner supremacy thought: "lmao yeah cats are the best backgrounds."

Twitter user Jimin's girlfriend simply said "so cute," while Hugo Persson wrote "next level."

Joe Golondrino thought: "Cat agent just acts as pad for photoshoot..."

same 😔

— meat mouth (@jessacin) April 14, 2021

I did it once 😂

— بيان .. (@ibayan_ab) April 14, 2021

Like this one too

— haebaragiシ (@RonaPL) April 14, 2021

same :-)

— Kate Steinberg (@SteinbergKate) April 15, 2021

Same tooooo!!!!:)

— みるせ@365日スイーツԅ(º﹃ºԅ) (@Milse_web) April 15, 2021

Cat mom, Lucy, tweeted: "I have done this to poor Minnie."

But it seems not all cat owners have been able to jump on the bandwagon, as one, called Mary's Jewellery Bakery, admitted: "You think I wouldn't have done this if I had a white or, at least, tolerant cat?"

Replying, Future Selena Gray (FSG) wrote: "Mine would probably kill me at the moment I tried..."

As the trend took off people began substituting cats for other animals, with one person photographing a duck, while another used their pet dog as a background instead.

"A dog can do," Stargirl (Hallie) JUSTICE wrote alongside a snap of her canine wearing a floral bracelet.

Another, called Nikhil Thakur, shared a snap of their white rabbit, captioning the image: "I'm gonna use him for this."

Stock image of a Bengal cat playing
Stock image of a Bengal cat playing at home. A viral new trend has emerged online seeing people using their cats as photoshoot backdrops. Ingus Kruklitis/Getty Images