Hilarious Typo Sees Two Guys Bring Their Cats to a Booze and Sports Session

A hilarious typo in a group-chat led to two guys bringing cats to a booze and sports session.

A ring doorbell camera captured the brilliant exchange between three friends, Tommy Minkowski and Derek and Jaylen Lipp, after they arranged to hang out.

The trio, from Ohio, planned a day playing softball and having some drinks, but an unfortunate autocorrect saw the words "bats" changed to "cats".

Without questioning the request, the guys promptly turned up at their friend's door armed with cats in carriers.

Derek shared the confusing exchange to his TikTok account, Dereklipp_, showing him answering the door to his friends.

One guy, thought to be Minkowski, immediately starts grilling his friend, asking: "Dude why did you put in the group chat to bring cats? I thought we were playing softball and getting drunk."

To which the homeowner, thought to be Derek, replies: "What? I did not say bring cats, I said bring bats."

The situation escalates when Jaylen turns up at the house - also carrying his own cat.

Shocked, Derek asks: "Why do you have your cats with you?!"

To which Minkowski snaps: "You told us to bring cats!"

While Jaylen adds it "doesn't make any sense".

Explaining how the miscommunication happened, Derek calmly says: "Bats. Softball."


Reply to @jaylon__05 Bring Cats @jaylenlipp @tommylee_00 #ringseries

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But after bringing the cat all the way over, Minkowski replies: "Well they're coming."

The unbelievable conversation, simply captioned "Bring Cats", has been watched more than 11 million times.

People admitted they were crying with laughter at the exchange, particularly the "well they're coming" line, while they were also impressed both men had cats handy.

Pointing out the obvious mistake, user9405071922725 wrote: "Why did no one question or work it out in the group chat???"

TikToker Kylee said: "The best part is that no one questioned it, they just showed up mad with cats."

Gabi thought: "Everyone needs a group of friends like this."

And NoemiR asked: "Did they buy cats especially for this gathering? I need details if they're all cat owners."

While Lee Bolden commented: "If a man says bring cats you don't question it, you bring cats."

After the impromptu pet party, Derek later added the pals all planned on bringing their cats to a sports session.

He said: "We are having everyone take their cats to softball."

And in response to a few people concerned over the cats' welfare, Derek confirmed one of them "ate a whole bag of catnip," followed by a sleeping emoji.

Two maine coon cats sitting down
Stock image of two hungry maine coon cats sitting side by side waiting for treats licking lips looking at camera. A group chat typo saw two men bring their cats to a booze and sports session. Getty iStock/Nils Jacobi