Cat's Reaction to Being Used As Dog's 'Chew Toy' Has Internet in Stitches

When something is annoying us the best tactic is to rise above it, as one cat on Reddit showcased beautifully.

In a viral video, which was shared to the site by a user called Niikhavod9472, we can see a small black and brown puppy lying next to a white fluffy cat on the floor.

The puppy is playfully biting at the feline's chest and neck throughout the 22-second long clip, and the cat appears totally unperturbed, calmly staring off into the distance while ignoring the young dog's actions.

The hilarious video, which can be watched here, is captioned: "My cat doesn't even care anymore."

Since the footage was shared to Reddit on January 16 it has gained lots of traction online, having accumulated 12,300 upvotes.

Additionally, more than 200 people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the two pets' humorous dynamic.

One user, Arbybk, wrote: "The puppy really looks like a leopard seal in the still frame! He must be biting gently for the cat to be that tolerant. Edit: Also, notice how the cat's pupils are contracted almost the whole time, indicating that she's relaxed."

Another person, Chino_boots, added: "This dude is redefining patience."

Honest_Hat_3002 typed: "I am the chew toy now..."

Zombiepanzon stated: "Patience is a virtue, and this cat is a Saint."

OneSensiblePerson admitted: "I can hear the long-suffering sighs all the way over here."

KevlahR explained: "Cats going to get tired of that."

To this, the video poster responded: "Sometimes he does get tired, but then [he goes] somewhere the dog can't access."

This infographic, provided by Statista, illustrates that cats are the second most popular pet in the U.S. STATISTA

Lordgeese revealed: "This is how my dogs and cat play. I got a small one like yours but also a aussie [Australian Shepherd] and he is 55 pounds. He is very gentle the snuggle too."

Artfuldodgerbob23 commented: "That's either the most chill cat ever or it's playing the long game."

I_Never_Think observed: "His body language clearly indicates he's enjoying the interaction."

Newsweek has contacted Niikhavod9472 for comment.

Recently, a video of a cat lying next to bearded dragon went viral on TikTok.

In the footage, which was shared to the social media site by an account called Alexistesaas, we can see a ginger feline lying next to the lizard inside its heated tank.

The clip, which has attracted over 2.3 million views, is made all the more amusing by the fact that the two animals appear to be ignoring each other as they soak up heat from the lamp which is shining into the tank.

Puppy and kitten
A stock image of a kitten and a puppy. On Reddit one cat seemed unfazed as a puppy gnawed on its fur. iStock